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7 Industries That Go the Extra Mile with 2018 Specials

Most businesses are prone to experiencing a fluctuation in market activity, most of the time corresponding to seasons or end-of-the-month paydays. Christmas and New Years are just two prime examples of holidays where some companies go that extra mile to attract consumers with their generous package deals and discounts.

In fact, consumer spending is something that some industries heavily rely on, and holiday splurging is quite standard across the border, with businesses seeing a 15% rise above their average monthly sales in December, afterwards experiencing a drop of around 30% after January. In this article, we’ll take a look at seven industries that go above and beyond with their 2018 specials, attracting thousands of customers who want to treat their family and loved ones:

1 The Hospitality and Tourism Industry

You might not like the feel and chill of the winter breeze and wish to swap snow for pure white sand and crystal-clear oceans. Well, you’re not alone, and it seems that both airlines and hotels are commonly fully booked during the holiday period.

Whether you’re looking for a rich-green palm tree to read under, or whether you’re planning a New Year party at a ski lodge, there is something for everyone –as exclusive discounts for both Christmas and New Year are available everywhere, even when you don’t look out for them.

2 The fitness industry

Fitness gurus know that the best gym deals happen in December; around the time you finish your last mince pie and look in the mirror.

With so many New Year’s resolutions focusing on improving appearances rather than our mental acuity, fitness centres are offering numerous discounts and attractive fees to lure potential customers at the end of the calendar year.

You can even go to a gym and ask for any flexible policies on enrolment fees, as some are willing to negotiate just to get you through the door. Don’t forget to also inquire about a free trial pass, as you’ll need to check that all amenities, classes, and equipment are up to standard.

Alternatively, you can ask if the company you work for can offer you a significant discount on gym memberships, or set up a corporate account with the help of your HR department. Hell, you might even want to ask a friend or family member to join as well, adding even more of a discount to your already attractive package.

3 The retail industry

No Christmas or New Year’s party is complete without a quirky or smart dress code that will make you feel like a king or queen. With better ranges, better prices, and increased availability, it’s no wonder that the retail industry is doing this well over the holiday period.

Top that with micro-influencers such as celebrity endorsements, newspaper ads and other media, and you have gotten yourself a recipe for success. Take the example of M&S, whose clothing sales rose by 2.3% in the weeks leading to December 31 of last year –due to their in-store Christmas ad featuring Mrs Claus.

Giving consumers the idea that they’ll look just as fabulous, provided that they buy that exact dress, M&S managed to sell more than 5.000 copies of the clothing item.

4 The casino and entertainment industry

At Christmas, everyone gets a gift from Santa, whether that comes in a pair of slippers, stockings, or as a bet from an appealing casino. For example, Boxing Day, otherwise known as December the 26th, can bring you top-class horse racing. Alternatively, the football calendar is forever known as the gift that keeps on giving, with plenty of opportunities for you to make a bet and win some cash for any January sales or upcoming birthdays.

If you’re a newbie just starting to make your impact in the casino world, then Dunder should be a great place to begin your journey. Offering 20 spins on Starburst without needing to add any deposit, you could just win without having to spend a single penny. Alternatively, get £600 welcome package + 180 free spins after you sign up and put your deposit it –yes, that’s a lot of free spins! Similarly, PokerStars Casino offers an even more generous package after the deposit, with $500 as a welcome to the club, in addition to the 500 free spins.

There’s an opportunity for everyone to find their cup of tea during the holiday season, and between the excellent deposit and slots bonuses, online casino bonuses and various promotions, the casino industry knows exactly how to keep people entertained. In other words, happy betting!

5 The professional photography industry

Christmas cards are a given each year, and some people decide to go the extra mile and show how perfect their family is –or, at least, the image of what an ideal family should look like. Only gifted professional photographers can stand up to the task of crying children, and one million photo takes –which is why they get paid the big bucks.

6 The video game industry

Every holiday season calls for a gaming marathon. Whether it’s Fallout 4, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Battlefield 1, Assassin’s Creed or whatever else floats your boat, the gaming industry knows to offer incredible deals for those who’ll be off work for a couple of days or weeks.

Discounts usually start around November, with most Wii’s, Xbox One, or PS4 games having religiously sold out by Christmas time.

7 The alcohol industry

Have you ever heard of a holiday without booze? Neither have we, and that’s why the holiday season features incredible offers for devotees of alcoholic substances. While children will look forward to eating pie, cake, or turkey, adults will most likely be in the kitchen preparing their drunken Christmas speeches and making sure they open every bottle under the sun.

Because the alcohol industry understands the massive potential during Christmas, liquor stores and bars have designated “special” days where they do their best to ensure a surplus of handles and cases –otherwise facing dire consequences for their utter lack of preparation!

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