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How to Increase the Value of Your Property

In order to work your way up the property ladder, you need to be able to increase the value of your current property. To many people, increasing the value of a house sounds like a mammoth task with huge expenses, but this isn’t always the case.

If you’re cautious and sensible then you can add some considerable value to your property, with small yet specific changes that can have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of the house. Interested in increasing the value of your property? Here are a few popular ideas that many are incorporating into their homes today.

Room Conversions

The most popular way to add value to your property is to convert one of the current rooms into something bigger and better. A prime example of this would be the loft, as many homes are now seeing lofts being converted into man caves, spare bedrooms, offices and even home gyms. If you have the creative spark and ambition to do something, it can be done, and that empty space in the loft can be put to much better use.

Similarly, many people are enjoying converting their garages to expand on the floorspace and introduce an additional room or two, which is highly admirable and stands out to potential buyers. For those who enjoy more of an open space, there is also a popular surge with open-plan living. The art of open-plan living goes much further than the initial aesthetics, you also find it helps your family come together in a social sense, which is always a huge benefit in the family home.

Opening up two or three rooms to create one larger space is ideal for creating a larger feel within the home, reflecting natural light throughout and giving a sense of space at the same time.

Fresh Updates

For those looking to add value without making any structural changes, you can look at updating the current décor within certain rooms. There are different ways in which you can approach this, from sticking to a certain theme, to creating a blank canvas that can be built upon. The benefit to decorating your home around a certain theme is that your property will be ready to purchase and become a new home in an instant.

Having a property that is already set up and ready is very appealing to many homeowners, especially when they want to purchase a new home and start living there straight away. Similarly, for those looking for a blank canvas to work on and make their own, having a clear, simple décor style will work best for them.

These are both great ways of adding value to the property, whether that’s sticking a bold wallpaper design on a feature wall or positioning a gorgeous oak dresser next to a plain white wall for a minimalist approach, you can show off your skills and show off your home in your own way.

Welcoming Gardens

When you go to visit a potential property for your new home, there is nothing worse than being greeted by an overgrown, messy garden. This doesn’t just scream lazy homeowner, but it also creates a crowded, cluttered feel that will instantly raise eyebrows.

When you view a property as a potential home for you, you want to feel welcomed and comfortable from the moment you step foot on the street, and the garden is one of the most important features in the home for creating a warm and welcoming feel. Before you put your property on the market, make sure you give it a good clear up.

Whether that’s pulling weeds from the stone cracks, cutting back overgrown hedges or branches, or even simply cutting the grass and planting a few flowers, you’ll notice that the changes will have a huge impact on the way your garden looks, resulting in a positive first impression.

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