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Bridging Loans – A source of quick capital

Sometimes, it can be difficult to get a regular loan, especially if you need capital fast. Traditional lenders and financial institutions have a lot of red tape involved in a loan process. Bridging loan cuts away the bottleneck and significantly reduces the time it takes to get much needed financing.

Bridging loan allows you to take advantage of opportunities without having to face the tedious loan application process adopted by most lenders.

In essence, bridging loan provides a way of obtaining short term financing for your project while working towards a more long term alternative. Bridging loans are invaluable especially when you need to purchase a property or equipment that would otherwise not be possible.

Even though bridging loans are commonly used to purchase property, this short term interest only loan can provide a breathing space for you to handle other projects while exploring other sources of funding.

Here are just a few reasons to use bridging loans

Short processing period

Property investors know that delay means losing out. As much as you wish it were possible, a property in the market won’t wait for you to raise the needed funds. There are lots of other investors with access to quick cash who will grab the property from under your nose. With bridging loan, you don’t have to wait for your mortgage to be approved while watching helplessly as a wealthy investor snaps up your dream property. Instead you can immediately raise the money for your new property and worry about selling off the old one later.

Even if you are not in the market for a property, you may need to acquire equipment for your business, or raise capital for raw materials. Bridging loan provides a short term solution for you to raise the needed cash to solve your business needs.

Bad credit financing

A lot of people are in a situation where they find it hard to obtain financing due to a poor credit score. Virtually every major lender will check your credit score before approving you for a loan. Simply missing one payment can plunge your credit score into the pits and even if you manage to result the bad credit issues, the bad record can still come back to haunt you. Thankfully, bridging loan offers a way for people with bad credit score to access the funding they need.

“One of the benefits of bridging loan is that bad credit will not be a barrier. These loans are quick to arrange, can be used for a variety of purposes and involves little or no credit check” says James of Bridging Loans UK.

Bad credit financing is typically used to clear a mortgage or buy a property while a mortgage plan is being worked out, or resolve other financial situations. However, you should have a clear exit strategy in mind before opting for bad credit financing.

Covering tax liabilities

Sometimes, you can be faced with sudden tax liabilities that can be difficult to factor into your current cash flow. In situations like this, you may find it hard to meet your financial obligations before the due date and this can cause unnecessary hardship for you or your business. Whether you are an individual or you run a business, unexpected tax can a hassle.

Bridging loan makes it easy for you to access the necessary funds to meet your tax bill. You receive short term financing to meet your financial obligations so that you can have the peace of mind to focus on other productive aspects of your life.

Debt forgiveness

If you have a property that is due to be repossessed due to inability to meet your financial obligations, a bridging loan can be used to pay off part of the debt and prevent repossession. It can also be used to pay off current lenders so that you will have a bit more time to resolve your situation. If you can stop the property from being repossessed, you retain control and can avoid a forced sale situation.

Bridging loan comes with a variety of repayment plans and manageable interest rates that would not affect the lifestyle of the borrower. It provides a useful source of quick cash that can help you meet any financial obligation in a timely manner. However, you have to be certain you can meet the loan conditions; this means planning your exit strategy, which could include conventional mortgage, buy to let or selling the property outright.

Elliot is the Editor at ABCMoney. He manages a team that writes and contributes to many leading publications across a number of industries.

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