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“West Midlands Electrician” Wins £1 Million EuroMillions Prize

The latest EuroMillions winners have been announced, and one is an anonymous electrician from the West Midlands who scored an impressive £1 million prize.

Known as “Mr B”, the winner — who understandably wishes to keep her personal identity a secret after the significant win — is based in the West Midlands. He plans to use the prize to repay his mortgage and enjoy a holiday with his family.

Initially reported in the Birmingham Mail, the man’s winnings also included two significantly smaller prizes — a £5.50 prize for matching two main numbers and another small prize for a Lucky Star number.

The win is one of the latest for Birmingham, which has been named the luckiest place in the country for lottery winners. Over the last two decades, more people in Birmingham have won million-pound prizes in lotteries such as EuroMillions than anywhere else in the UK.

As of 2014, more than 110 people with B-postcodes had won seven figure lottery sums — a figure that’s only increased since.

Other lucky lottery areas in the UK include Romford, which is currently ranked as the UK’s luckiest town. The town was recently awarded a ceremonial National Lottery flag due to its higher-than-normal amount of £50,000+ prize winners.

Residents in Romford have won a collective £165 million in prize money via the National Lottery, with 48 millionaire winners. The ratio is the highest in the UK, with approximately one winner in every 951 people, according to BT.

Cleveland, Warrington, Liverpool and Newcastle-upon-Tyne also rank amongst the 10 luckiest places in the UK for lottery participants. In the last two years, Leicester has outperformed other areas to produce an impressive 63 large-sum winners.

Glasgow is also ranked as a top-performing city for lottery winners. In the two years period from 2014 to 2016, 21 players based in the Scottish city won more than £1 million each in the form of lottery prizes.

Historically, other parts of the UK haven’t fared as well when it comes to lottery luck. According to BT, Northern Ireland is the unluckiest area for lottery participants, with the smallest number of millionaires and the smallest amount of £50,000+ winners.

Just 81 people have won million-pound prizes in Northern Ireland, with only 647 people winning £50,000 or more in prize money. Northern Ireland’s “bad luck” isn’t that bad, however, as it has the smallest population of any of the areas counted.

Wales ranks slightly higher, with 1,606 people winning £50,000 and more than 192 millionaire winners. The North East, South West and East of England all rank among the 10 luckiest parts of the UK, with over 7,700 winners of £50,000 or more.

It’s the South East, however, that ranks as the luckiest region in the UK. More than 438 people based in South East England have won prizes of £1 million or more, with another 4,027 people taking home prizes of more than £50,000.

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