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What a corporate office design can say about your business

An important element of a business organisation is the design and appearance of its corporate offices. The working environment defines the nature of the work that takes place inside the building and the way your company operates and also indicates company standards. Each space will have a unique purpose and the best designers take that into account.

The office design you opt for should factor in what you do and the personalities of the people who work in that space to enhance their productivity. Let your office space stand as a representation of your business brand and what you offer to your customers. Do not underestimate the influence that the design of your office can have, not only on how your staff will work but also how the public will react to your business.

There are office designs that have become popular for what they say to clients and the public about a business. By choosing one of those, many companies benefit by being able to use a design to promote their brand image to the world. If you are just beginning to work with graphic design and want to save your money on programs, the best choice for you will be to use free graphics software.

Modern office design

A contemporary corporate office design is increasingly popular with businesses. It will typically include high-end finishes to the building itself as well as the furniture used by staff. Classic materials used in such designs include quality, toughened glass for aesthetic appeal and security. The Wholesale Glass Company is just one organisation that provides this type of outstanding glass to businesses wanting the modern look.

Space is left uncluttered and stripped back to allow for work to progress with no interruptions. It also creates a very fresh look that inspires the staff inside and impresses the outside world.

This type of design is very prevalent in financial institutions where the many private offices and meeting rooms perfectly suit the confidential nature of the business that is conducted there. Regarding what it says about your business – the overriding impression conveyed is that of honesty, professionalism and dedication to work.

Open-plan design

At the opposite end of the spectrum, we have the open-plan office design. That is more popular in collaborative sectors such as marketing where colleagues benefit from easy interaction with one another. These spaces see traditional offices or cubicles replaced with large, open spaces. Hot-desking can also be a factor here as it allows workers to move around to where they need to be that day.

This type of office will be light and bright due to the larger, open spaces involved. There will often be bright colours involved too as this helps to stimulate creativity. Big communal spaces to meet and exchange ideas in are also heavily featured in this design. By opting for this look, you are signalling to all that you are a creative, energetic place that values the exchange of ideas to produce new things.

Scandi design

One of the significant trends in all design sectors at the moment is the Scandi look. Such an office can be a very pleasant environment in which to work. The main principles here are a clean look with natural elements, such as the use of wood and sympathetic lighting. Subtle bursts of colour are also well worth using although not too much. The real goal is to create a sense of intimate space and a serene working atmosphere. If members of the public come onto your premises, it will also give them that impression.

This design is perfect for sending out a message to people that you are a business that can be trusted and is reliable. Many commercial units will, therefore, go for this look as will other work sectors such as call centres. If you want to demonstrate that you are a company to be trusted, this is a great office environment to try out.

Eccentric office design

Quirky detailing and bold, bright furniture are the hallmarks of this office design. It will give your premises an eclectic look and mix of styles that make it stand out. This design is great for any business involved in the arts as it is showy and full of creativity. This is one of the best designs for being able to show off a fun, irreverent business brand, if that is what you want to do.

With this is mind, it is beloved across the artistic sector from graphic design agencies to fashion designers. It says that you are a business that is different, unique and not afraid to make an impression! This will help you attract clients who are looking for a business that offers just these qualities.

Industrial office design

More companies are now embracing the Industrial look when designing their offices. This has challenged the traditional conventions around office design by using exposed brickwork and pipes. Industrial metal fixtures and exposed floorboards are also a feature of this office look.

Not surprisingly, many companies involved in the design and construction sector have begun to utilise this approach for their office environment. Other organisations in different sectors have also incorporated elements into their offices too as it gives a bold, urban look. By using this design for your office, you will be signalling a company that is connected to their environment but is also energetic and ready to do things differently.

Creating the right office environment is vital

Taking the time to consider the office environment within your business premises is essential. Not only will it allow you to set the tone you wish your staff to follow but also tell the public what to expect from your brand. Get it wrong, and the messages that you will be sending out could be in contradiction to what you are communicating in other ways. The above designs offer a wide range of use for any business and will be able to effectively convey what you are about.

Elliot is the Editor at ABCMoney. He manages a team that writes and contributes to many leading publications across a number of industries.

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