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Crucial reasons you should consider investing in coloured diamonds in 2018

In the current global economy where market prices can suddenly dip or surge, and investments can either soar or go sour, it is best to find investment options that offer better stability and peace of mind. With such an investment, you can rest easy knowing your profit margin is safe regardless economic woes. One particular investment that offers more stability than most is the diamond market, especially the coloured diamond market.

Coloured diamonds possess investment characteristics that other commodities or even other classes of diamonds can’t offer. And if you aren’t convinced, below are some of the reasons why you should consider trying your hand on the 100% legal coloured diamond trade;

  1. Global recognition

Diamonds are recognised worldwide for their value, and fancy coloured diamonds are even more so. Everyone from entrepreneurs to royalty want coloured diamonds same as they’ve wanted them for years and you can cash in on this high and unwavering demand.

  1. Portability

Because of their small size, you can transport diamonds at small cost and with ease to practically anywhere in the world. The low shipping fee equals maximised profits.

  1. Long term growth

According to Rav Dhillion of Argyle Bonds, “investing in coloured diamonds can be far more profitable than investing in regular colourless diamonds.”

The monetary value of coloured diamonds has witnessed a steady rise over the past three decades. This makes these little gems a great investment today whose value will likely only appreciate as the years pass.

  1. Value retention

Unlike colourless diamonds, fancy coloured diamonds do not have a fixed price. This is because their market value is more often than not determined by the selling prices at auction houses. The value of coloured diamonds are also determined by the rarity of their colours and because the sources of naturally coloured diamonds are limited, their scarcity is only likely to drive their value further upwards.

  1. Durability

Same as with all diamonds, coloured diamonds are exceedingly durable which means you don’t have to worry about them bruising, breaking, tarnishing, rusting, or expiring. This is an advantage very few commodities that are investment worthy can offer. Being one of the hardest elements available on earth, a single coloured diamond can withstand the harshest environmental situations and roughest treatment which means you need worry very little about the integrity of your stock during shipment.

  1. Rarity

Coloured diamonds are even rarer than regular diamonds. They can only be sourced for in a handful of mines around the world and most of said mines are already running out. Certain diamond colours such as Fancy Intense Violet are exceedingly rare and its value is such that you can practically name your price for it.

  1. Privacy

Because of their size and portability, you can safely store diamonds anywhere with no one being the wiser. They also require no reporting for tax purposes in most countries.

  1. They are simply beautiful to behold

The beauty of a coloured diamond, especially certain shades, is indisputable. And because that beauty can literally last forever and is recognised worldwide, coloured diamonds are a highly beneficial investment option which can be marketed and traded in any country to a variety of individuals.


Fancy coloured diamonds will not be around forever which means the sooner you get in on the ground floor the more you can profit from the commodity. If you are extremely shrewd, you could acquire a load of coloured diamonds today and hoard them till their rarity is at its height. This would be a long term investment tactic that could fetch you not just great wealth but also fame.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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