Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Economic Problems Come from Our Mind

Overcoming economic problems is not an easy task, but it is simple. Do you see the difference? There are differences between the easy, the difficult, the simple and the complex. When it comes to solving our monetary problems, we usually believe that it is complex, or sometimes impossible. The extreme is when people consider and accept internally that there is absolutely nothing to be done.

Unless you are routed in a project that will soon bear fruit (and that is proven) if you have financial problems, what you have been doing all this time, simply has not worked.

– Do you have a job? It does not work.
– Do you have a company? It does not work.
– Do you have an entrepreneurship project? It does not work.

Because it does not work? Because regardless of what you do, the root of the problem is much deeper than you think, and is really based on something very simple: Your Mind. Your mind determines everything! Suppose if you have a bad credit history and you need a quick loan. If you are a pessimistic person then you will surrender whereas if you are a person with an optimistic nature then you will look for online-based loans such as long term loans.

But do not think I’m talking about something spiritual, esoteric, mystical or occult. I speak specifically of your way of thinking, deciding and acting in the world.

It is curious that many people want to change their financial situation, starting from the outside. When really what is needed is an internal change that allows tending towards the manifestation of better results. A great example that comes to my mind to conceptualize is that of the sheet and the printer: Suppose you have on your computer, a document that you want to print. You print it and it comes up with an error that you want to avoid.

Then, then you decide to correct the error in the result of the impression and you take a corrector to effectively replace the wrong word by which you consider, it must go. Then you propose to reprint the document, after having corrected the problem in paper …

And Oh Surprise! The sheet came out exactly the same, with the same error. Why did this happen? Because the real problem is not on the outside, on the result, on the palpable. The problem is in the intangible. The solution is not to change your environment, your work, your investments, your expenses … etc. The solution is in changing you. In changing that document that you will effectively print to the world.

Imagine your mind as the software that manages the document before it is printed to the world, and imagine the printed sheet of paper as the result of having started the software.

Your software is your thinking, your mentality, your attitude, your character, your ideas, your paradigms … etc. Your hardware is your brain. And the impression is your concrete financial situation: Financial Freedom, Financial Troubles, Wealth, Poverty, Misery … among others.

Simply if you try to erase the error in the sheet (that is, to eliminate the errors in your environment and in your exterior life) there will come a time when you will be exactly the same as before; because you will simply continue to print more of your internal information to the world.

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