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10 Must-Avoid Fashion Blunders

Fashion is fickle, what’s in today may be out tomorrow. But, wrong is never in style. No matter what the latest trend is, there are still ways to make a mess of it. So here’s a few tips that should never go out of style.

Iron-clad Rule

Wearing wrinkled clothes just doesn’t work. Everything looks better when it is neat and clean, so iron those outfits. Okay, fine, some things don’t need ironing, but at least hang them overnight to get them in shape for the next day. Going out in an outfit when it is obvious you haven’t done anything to make it look good sends a clear signal about how much you care about your own appearance. If you want to look good, it takes a little effort. Make the effort.


Wearing clothing that doesn’t fit can’t help you be fashionable, and not every outfit you buy will fit you perfectly. That’s where the services of a tailor can make the difference. A good tailor can fit clothing to your body to give you the best look possible. With a few minor changes clothes that just hang on you can be made to cling. Tailoring can enhance your assets, hide your insecurities,  and make an ordinary outfit stand out. Isn’t that worth a little trouble?

Matching Monotone

While a well-matched set of clothing can look quite good, it can be taken too far. Coordinating all your colors so you have a single palette from collar to shoes rarely works. Spice up outfits with bits of accenting colors. Watch out for clashes of strong colors, but a central primary color and one or two more subtle complimentary shades can give your look elegance and style. For a more arresting statement, pair up some bold colors or patterns, not clashing, but working together to make some noise and catch some eyes. What good is being fashionable if you aren’t noticed?

Worn Soles

Now that the more positive side of maintaining your wardrobe has been covered, let’s talk about the other side. The part where you keep old, worn-out, or damaged shoes, either because you can’t bear to throw them out, or you can’t be bothered. Don’t sabotage a stylish outfit will ratty shoes. Now, if you really do love those shoes, and they can be saved, get them repaired and cleaned up. You don’t have to throw out everything with the least sign of wear, but you do need to maintain them. Save your soles!

Ill-Fitting Undies

What goes once for shoes, goes three times for lingerie. If it is worn or damaged it is probably not salvageable. If it is a favorite piece, go buy another, or a few, maybe even in some favorite colors. Check your sizes each time you buy. Never wear anything that doesn’t fit, either too big or too small. Remember your body can change size and shape. Keep up to date with it and keep that layer closest to your skin comfortable, classy, and just a bit (or more than a bit) sexy.

A Real Nail Biter

Nails are pretty obvious, they are right out there at the end of your fingers for everyone to see. Make sure they don’t embarrass you. Keep them clean, unbroken, and unmarred. Chipped and ragged nails are just unattractive. Keep them neat and tidy. The same goes for hair and face and skin. Your personal grooming should not detract from your fashion sense, it should compliment it. That doesn’t mean weekly trips to a day spa for exfoliation, just a routine of daily cleanliness. Trim what’s broken or damaged, do what’s necessary.

With A Trowel

You may never have heard the old phrase “she put her makeup on with a trowel”. Heck, you might not know that a trowel is a tool for putting mortar on bricks when building a wall, but you do now. Don’t pile on the makeup, it’s bad for your skin and it really doesn’t make you more attractive by the ounce. Be careful of colors and shades here as well as with your clothes. Clashing colors between eyes and lips can move nice shades into ghastly far too quickly. Keep it light during the day and with a little more emphasis in the evenings. And pay attention to your natural skin tone. Match and enhance, don’t try to change it.

Bling Bling

A few nice accents of jewelry can really make a look pop, but overloading it by wearing your entire jewelry box can make it self-destruct. Keep things balanced, earrings, a ring, a bracelet, a necklace. In some venues a few more might be appropriate, but accessorizing your outfit, rather than overpowering it should be the goal.

What’s That Smell?

All the advice about overdoing things goes double for scents. Have you ever walked past a person, man or woman, and realized they are traveling in a cloud of cologne or perfume? Have you ever heard the question “Did they take a bath in it?” Perfume should be subtle and sparing. And be aware that some people are allergic to some perfumes. Show them some courtesy and yourself some restraint. Just a dab behind the ears and on the neck may be enough.

Wardrobe Malfunction

The final tip can be thought of as a problem of both too much or too little. Too much skin or too little clothing. Elegance and grace don’t fit well with outfits that leave too little to the imagination. Keep things covered, not everything, but certainly don’t put everything on display. Baring all doesn’t automatically mean sexy. Concealing can be just as alluring.

Experiment with your style, try new ideas and see what works, tand most of all have fun with it. You might make a few mistakes, but these few tips should make sure you are willing to be seen again in public. And that’s what fashion is all about, right? Being seen.

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