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Using cryptocurrencies to automate earnings

Do you know how to build a passive income wealth that can automate your stream of money even while you are sleeping? It can be extremely difficult to achieve true financial freedom because of the lack of channels and resources a typical person may have access to. Even if you have a large amount of time available, choosing the right channel to invest can be a difficult situation too.

In the past, most people put their money in traditional investment mediums such as real estate, currency exchanges, the stock market or trust funds. But after the rise of popularity of cryptocurrencies, crypto trading has become the quickest and easiest way to rake in copious amounts of profits on autopilot.

Automate your crypto earnings

Here are some of the 2new emerging methods to automate cryptocurrencies trading. Most of these methods that are currently used by thousands of crypto traders around the world:

  1. Trading Bots

Trading bots are a new type of automating crypto trading tool created by full-time traders who wish to create consistent profits on a regular basis. Each trading bot is set of trade instructions, that when all conditions are met, will execute a buy or sell. Crypto trading bots are explicitly tuned for cryptocurrency markets due to their volatility, which is based on the developer’s educated programming on market trends. With a well-optimized trading bot, you can set it to execute your trades automatically without any intervention from you.

Some crypto trading bots such as Bitcoin Loophole are able to recognize pricing trends and learn the investor’s risk appetite and adjust its algorithm based on these parameters. These bots use machine learning and behavioral science to determine the best course of action in the trade.

  1. Lending Bots

Like trading bots, lending bots can be set and run automatically without the investor’s intervention. In some cryptocurrency exchanges such as Bitfinex and Poloniex, you are allowed to utilize their funds in their wallets and offer margin loans to traders on the exchange platform.

While traders benefit from margin trading opportunities, you can generate a healthy and low-risk returns on your investments (ROI). This is because margin loans cannot be cashed out from these exchanges. This means the exchange secures your funds and you don’t have to worry if the borrower disappears with your money.

Trader bots automate the lending process by analyzing the daily interest rates of the cryptocurrencies you are holding, then lends it out automatically on your behalf.

Is it safe to automate your cryptocurrency earnings?

These 2 methods are some of the easiest ways to earn money automatically using cryptocurrencies. While these bots are extremely easy to use, they do come with some risks, even though they are relatively low.

For example, lending bots can loan your funds out automatically, but they cannot protect you in cases where the exchange disappears or closes down.

You should manage your risks and expectations such as diversifying your investments on the Bitcoin Loophole platform. With proper risk management, you can be sure to be making a healthy stream of passive income for years to come.

Jim Bevin
Jim Bevin
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