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Ashes into diamonds: A Highly Innovative Post Burial Option Changing the Face of Death in the UK

With a total of over 600,000 funerals annually, the funeral industry in the UK is valuedat approximately £2billion with an estimate of 4,000 funeral directors at present offering cemetery, crematorium, embalming and mortician services.Due to popular demand for unique and customized ways to commemorate the deceased today, the face of industry is evolving to accommodate innovative post burial options such as ashes into diamonds.

Ashes into Diamonds: Immortalizing the deceased with a beautiful gem

Ashes into diamonds refer to synthetic diamonds born in the laboratory from the carbon extracted from the cremated ashes of the deceased. This process emulates the formation of natural diamonds in the earth’s mantleunder conditions of extreme temperature and pressure.

Here’s how expert ashes into diamond vendors like LONITE with an existing branch office in London, UK can turn the deceased into a stunning memorial diamond;

Step 1: The hair or cremated ashes are analyzed to determine whether they contain enough carbon to be turned into a diamond; about 200g of ashes or 10g of hair are required. The carbon content of ashes differs from case to case and the total contained carbon may or may not be enough for the ashes intodiamond creation process.

Step 2: The ashes are then placed in a specialized crucible and the crucible is heated to over 5000F to make sure every element except carbon oxidizes and then temperature is raised further so that carbon can become graphite.

Step 3: The graphite with a metal catalyst and a diamond seed crystal are placed into the core. The core goes into a specialized ashes into diamond press capable of creating extreme tension which then starts working thus bringing the pressure to about 800,000 pounds/square inches.

Step 4: During the last stretch when the press is working, the temperature in the room stays about 2500F so that the ashes turned diamonds become solid. Purification takes approximately 5,000 minutes for each ashes into diamond ordered.Impurities are removed and reduced to 1/500 of the original impurity content providing 4N purity (99.99%).

The craftsmanship of ashes into diamonds requires a combination of skills to create a memorial diamond from start to finish, namely; gemology which is the science dealing with identifying and evaluating natural and artificial gems, science and technology which requires the practical application of scientific knowledge, and art & design which requires conceiving and producing a plan for theashes into diamond before it is even made.

Why should people consider ashes into diamonds for the afterlife?

A diamond is a precious stone consisting of a clear and colorless crystalline form of pure carbon, the hardest naturally occurring substance. Commemorating the deceased into such a stunning gem not only immortalizes them into an everlasting legacy but also pays tribute to the kind of person they used to be.

Ashes into diamonds are safer for the environment compared to cemetery burials which release 10% more carbon dioxide in the long run. Excessive amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere results into suffocation of living organisms, narcosis and global warming altogether. Cemetery overcrowding, especially in the London boroughs of Hackney and Tower Hamlets also poses a huge threat to the environment as gardening and the use of maintenance cleaning products pollute the underground waters.

Ashes into diamonds can be passed down from generation to generation on special life events within the family such as weddings and engagements, as an everlasting legacy to celebrate the life of the deceased and the kind of person they used to be.

Affordability compared to existing traditional practices. The average cost of a traditional burial in London is 4,257GBP with a 13% annual increase, a rate that is higher than that of inflation in the country whereas ashes into diamonds cost between 1,400GBP to 15,600GBP depending on the cut, size and color of your choice.

Ashes into diamonds are also possible for petswith the color, the cut and the size of your choice as well; Most people have at heart to pay tribute to their deceased petsfor their companionship while they lived and for being a big part of the family.The process of ashes into diamonds for pets, the technology used, and order process is the same as in humans and is possible for any type of animals: horses, birds, dogs, lizards and cats as long as you can provideat least 200gr of the pets’ ashes or 10gr of the pet’s fur.

Popular post-burial trends in the UK funeral industry besides Ashes into Diamonds

Besides the ashes into diamonds option, some of the unique and innovative post burial trends that are changing the face of the UK funeral industry include:

Ashes into a reef: The process involves putting the remains of the deceased into a cement mix before it is poured into the form which the coral grows on; this ecologically safe option helps to preserve and protect the marine environment.

Ashes into space:Here the ashes of the deceased are launched into space in a trip into orbit and back to earth or a one-way ticket on a more adventurous journey into deep space.

Memorial tree:The cremated ashes of the deceased are placed into an urn which is then planted in the ground; the urn naturally decomposes in the long run as the roots expand through the biodegradable urn resulting into the birth of a very beautiful tree.

Green Cremation: Here, a chemical process that uses water and potassium hydroxide alkali solution chemically heats the remains and what is left is a fragment of bones. When purified and dried, these tiny particles are the same as traditionally cremated ashes.

Ashes into ink tattoo:Here, a portion of the remains of the deceased are mixed with tattoo ink before it is applied to your body; reportedly there aren’t any health concerns involved.

How one chooses to send off a departed loved one is very personal and sometimes uniquely customized to suit their preferences. Each of the above post burial options are safe for the environment especially with the growing concern over toxins entering our groundwater from burial grounds. Ashes into diamonds and the many other available options also provide a convenient way to preserve the environment and honor your departed loved one with a unique legacy.

Elliot Preece
Elliot Preece
Elliot is the Editor at ABCMoney. He manages a team that writes and contributes to many leading publications across a number of industries.

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