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Buying a second home in the US: Which state is the best?

The beautiful States in the US

America is a splendid country with diverse landscape, culture, people, and lifestyles. There is something for everyone. A lot of folks feel attracted to urban life while others prefer the quiet existence of the suburbs. Every State has its unique features which ranges from rivers, valleys, mountains, to both natural and man-made designs. No matter your individual inclination, there is a State in the U.S. that fits perfectly. Real Estate is not just limited to American residents. Foreigners can purchase properties and make investments too. However, if you come from outside the U.S., you might be required to possess a visa. Those from visa-waiver countries will find ESTA information (Electronic System for Travel Authorization info) on how to make the trip fast and convenient. A second home is bought for different reasons. Maybe to lease it for rent or refurbish and sell at a higher price thereby making profit.

Points to consider

Nevertheless, anyone looking at securing real estate in the U.S. will have to examine a few factors:

You will need money. If you already have a first home, some banks will require a greater amount of down payment the second time around. This can be as high as 30% of the house value. You might be asked if you plan on selling your first home at some point. The requirements for approval of a second house mortgage can as well include seeing proof of a signficant financial reserve. These conditions are not usually recommended for first time home owners.

Your debt should be low. A second home increases your debts. So, lenders want to be certain you are not already consumed with outstanding credit bills.

You need more money each month. It is no rocket science to realise your monthly bills will increase significantly with two homes unlike if you had only one.

Difficulty in finding buyers and renters. It is remotely possible your plans may not work out exactly as anticipated. The buyers and renters may fail to come at due time or even not at all.

Entire process might take more energy and time. Real estate in some cases is like a job or career.  It is not always as easy as it seems at first. Every new house owner must be generous with time and resources to care for the new property.

Best State for a second home

Factors that influence second home choices are individual preferences, lifestyle, career, future prospects, and availability of money.

Montana. The Yellowstone National Park is so large it reaches many States. Montana is one of them. The Park is one of the most stunning works of nature. It consists of luxuriant vegetation, spectacular rivers, and canyons. You can find amazing wildlife like antelopes, bears, and wolves. The Yellowstone National Park covers an area of about 3,500 square miles. There is definitely a lot to do and see in this breathtaking natural reserve. The presence of this awesome park puts Montana among the Top 10 most visited places in the United States. However, the attractions are not only limited to the park. This incredible State is popular for its awe-inspiring blue skies and immaculate landscapes. For lovers of history and those up for adventure, Lewis and Clark Trail offer a lot of activities and a possibility to see nature at its best while enjoying an amazing scenery. From the top of the Rocky Mountains and the Glacier National Park, you can enjoy astounding views of the landscape and surrounding areas. The Glacier National Park has peaks covered in white. The Triple Divide Pass has an abundance of wildlife and present a different perspective of the wonders of gorgeous Montana.

Enjoy every bit of Montana

Montana is a family friendly State. There are lots of things to do together. The tracks are perfect for family hike and road trips. Awesome memories can be made by exploring the dinosaur trail with children, hop on the rocks across a lake, and go on a hike to the glacier. There are yet further activities to keep your loved ones occupied round the clock. You can watch wildlife, go for water recreation, children museums, outdoor adventures, and in the cold seasons, there is winter family fun. Although Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks are stunning beyond words, there is yet more to Montana. Some of the other scenario to anticipate encompasses bears, bison, gorgeous waterfalls, rainbow-like streams, picturesque mountains and valleys. Road trips can be along the following regions the Glacier and Yellowstone, Missouri River, and Southwest Montana. Road trips can as well be based on areas of interest. For example, there is the National Geographic’s 10 ultimate trips, outside magazine’s six adventure trips, weekend getaways, day trips, and ski trips. Going for walks in the ghost towns will give the impression you are back in time. At night, the sky is bright enough and perfect for stargazing. Hot springs are ultimate relaxation spots for everyone.

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