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How to Avoid Unpleasant Moments on Your Moving Day

Life has become a journey. No! literally. With so many opportunities around, people are always moving; from one city to another and also between the countries. And we are not talking about holidays or business trips. It is short-term or long-term residency moving that we are featuring here.

With every move, you need to setup a home with basic amenities and facilities, unless you are staying in a hotel. Staying with a family needs a lot more arrangements than you would have to do if you are staying alone. This adds up a heavy task of packing when you have to relocate yourself with family. And since it has become a frequent lifestyle nowadays, it is better to pre-plan every move and avoid doing common & repetitive mistakes to save yourself from unpleasant moments.

Here are some unpleasant situations that might occur on your moving-out day and how to handle them:

  • New occupiers at the doorstep but no moving van

Sometimes there is a clash of your moving-out day with new occupier’s moving-in day. It will be very inconvenient for both of you to stand in dismal about what should be done since you are still waiting for your moving van to arrive. To avoid this condition, know the occupier’s schedule in advance and take a relevant time margin for moving out and loading your stuff.

  • A wrong estimate for a size of a moving van

There can be a mistake, from either end, in estimating the appropriate size of the moving van. This may end up stuffing up your precious belongings in a small van with everything squished together.

Some movers give an estimate based on the number of bedrooms in your home. Based on this, the different van sizes are recommended. Share as much details as possible with your movers about number of boxes, their sizes, other big stuff, etc. so that they know the exact status of your stuff.

  • A van which can’t fit down the street or a driveway

This situation may result in more back and forth trips for your moving van helpers, which in turn may shoot up the cost of moving services. To prepare yourself for this, try to assemble small boxes to someplace more accessible for thevan, with the help of your friends or family. You can hire a trolley or ask the service provider to carry one along with them at your site.

  • Didn’t monitor the careless loading 

It is disheartening to open your boxes at new home and see your favourite vase shattered in pieces. It may have happened due to the inattentive carrying of load to the van. Though the man with van services employ responsible professionals, it is still better to be attentive at your end. Make sure boxes with fragile items are marked with the label.

  • Forget to buy an insurance

Though insurance is not something you can just miss since a man with van company provides them online on their website.A proper checklist won’tlet you forget about buying an insurance. But what if you did miss? Look for the same day insurance policy provided by your mover’s company.

  • No door-to-door service

This is something you must ask in advance to prevent any last-minute surprises. Some man and van providers implicitly provide pick and drop service right inside your home while others ask for extra bucks to provide this luxury. Do not trust your intuition, rather ask them. This is why it is important to ensure that you get complete moving quotes from several companies before you sign a contract. These quotes ensure that there are no surprises and that everyone is on the same page about all the services that will be delivered.

  • Decided to pack on your own but it made moving all difficult

Moving out packing might be new for you; even the experienced ones can sometimes go wrong with packaging. The chances are that a box may open up due to loosing up of adhesive tape, causing a delay in the moving process. In case you are not confident about packing, take help of the professionals from your man and van company who can lend help in affordable prices.

  • Did not consult item list at the relocated location

The moving out process is tiring. By the time you reach your new place, you feel exhausted. Your mind and body just want to believe that finally it is done. At this time most of us forget to recheck if every single box has reached. Usually, the small items get misplaced while loading or transit.

The best way is to number each box while packing and at the end, just check for each number in the series and the total count.

  • Damage to your current home

This is the most frustrating situation. A mishandled box pulling out a big portion of paintwork from your professionally cleaned old place is a complete nightmare. Apart from being careful with every box being carried out of the house, you should check with your movers whether they provide insurance for such damage to the property.

The mistakes are unavoidable but at least you can try to minimize them as much as possible. If you have got an ample amount of time before moving out, spend each day with planning. There is no time like “it is too early to plan”.

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