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Viderium Pays Investors for 2nd Quarter of 2018

Viderium, an IT company based in London, has paid investors for the second quarter of 2018, stating that it is well positioned for the rest of the year having thus far reached all targets set. The company has experienced an exciting year in 2018, having seen expansion and growth driven by investors in the UK and the rapid uptake of technologies within the target market.

Profit for Investors

Investment in Viderium is attractive to investors seeking returns above the current rate of inflation in the UK, which stands at approximately 2.4% at the time of writing. Viderium released a corporate bond earlier this year, providing investors with the opportunity to access a 9.8% per annum fixed yield minimum, with payments made to investors at the end of each quarter. At the end of June, Viderium was pleased to be able to announce that all payments for the current quarter had been made to bond investors on time.

Business Expansion

For Viderium, the issuance of the corporate bonds has facilitated expansion of the company business model, creating profits from a growing industry. CEO Ross Archer stated that Viderium was looking forward to being able to announce a series of new commercial deals over the coming weeks at the beginning of the third quarter, with partnerships under negotiation to diversify the Viderium business model further. Once these negotiations are complete, Viderium should be able to finish 2018 on a high note, with a robust business model acting as a launch pad for further growth in 2019.

About Viderium

Viderium specialises in a range of data solutions for businesses, which include high-performance computing (HPC) through funding and operating data centres. Data centres attract recognition from investors as an emerging asset class featuring dynamic characteristics. Data centres are a form of technical real estate that act as hybrid investments, increasing the appeal to investors who want to diversify. They combine the security of traditional real estate investment with the associated recurring revenues and long-term contracts, with unique opportunities to benefit from prospects of rapid growth.

The Viderium Bond

The Viderium bonds were issued as the company seeks to raise £5 million. The corporate bonds have a 9.8% per annum coupon paid quarterly to investors in arrears over a term of three years, with capital repayment in February 2021 at the end of the term.

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