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Brexit Woes Fuel Powerful E-Commerce Platforms

Once again, it seems as if all eyes are focused upon the ongoing Brexit negotiations. While a great deal of progress has been made, the fact of the matter is that both sides still seem to be falling short of their respective marks. Recent comments by Prime Minister Theresa May seem to indicate that there is a long way to go (1). Unfortunately, time is running out. Unless the United Kingdom and its European counterparts come to some sort of agreement, it is likely that domestic UK-based businesses might take a slight hit once the new regulations come into effect. Some analysts would call this scaremongering. However, it is only prudent to assume that some economic disruptions will occur. This is why a growing number of enterprise-level firms are choosing to outsource their e-commerce solutions to trusted providers in order to tap into a larger consumer base in the near future. Why is e-commerce taking centre stage in terms of fiscal success and what options are available at the moment? 

Smart as Opposed to Hard: Leaving Guesswork at the Door 

It can be argued that the largest “ghost” associated with the Brexit involves the sheer amount of uncertainty that currently exists. This has many analysts worried; particularly those who have stakes on both sides of the border. Such concerns have naturally trickled down to individual businesses. Modern e-commerce platforms such as Shopify are able to provide a level of flexibility that would not be possible with the use of more traditional methods. Some profound advantages include: 

  • The ability to successfully target an international audience. 
  • Attracting high-value B2B customers. 
  • Numerous pricing plans. 
  • More than 100 payment gateways. 
  • Support for multi-channel marketing. 

All of these attributes will enable a UK-based business to rise above the potential volatility that might be associated with a so-called “hard” Brexit. The next question involves the options that entrepreneurs can select. 

Powerful, Agile and Intuitive 

In terms of effective and efficient B2B ecommerce solutions Shopify is at the top of its game. While other platforms such as Magento and BigCommerce might have turned professional heads in the past, the fact of the matter is that neither of these providers were associated with a user-friendly architecture. Those who did not already possess a certain amount of past experience would often encounter problems in terms of implementation and subsequent updates. Such issues are no longer a concern when leveraging the tools associated with Shopify. As a result, B2B sales can be expedited and the cloud-based platform itself is able to be implemented without disrupting ongoing in-house operations. 

The expected outcome of the Brexit is far from certain. However, there do indeed appear to be clouds on the not-so-distant horizon. Politicians and policymakers may still be able to come to some type of agreement. It is nonetheless prudent that domestic businesses begin to take the steps necessary in order to enjoy a greater degree of stability in the coming months. 

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