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Workman clothing for companies and individuals

Often, construction companies and builders main focus in uniforms and clothing is functionality.  However, in an increasingly fashion-conscious world, looks can also be an important way to attract employees.

Employee Concerns

Clothes impact how people feel about themselves and their work.  A smarter dress sense can increase self-confidence and lead to better work results.

While dressing for success is typically reserved for the corporate world, this does not mean that those in more manual labour positions do not feel the effect of confidence and clothing.  A drab, dirty uniform can impact the employee and make them feel of less worth to the company or project.

Protection and safety are clearly top concerns, and always should be, but this does not mean that cleanliness and appearance have to be sacrificed.  Many companies offer fashionable and functional work outfits.

Keeping the body warm and employee visible are key components of dress when a construction worker is on the side of the road filling a pothole.  But, higher quality workwear can greatly influence employee’s psyche.  If they are provided with more comfortable and better-looking uniforms then they will feel more comfortable at work and derive more satisfaction from their job.


Furthermore, a sharp crew can increase a business’s profile and attract new clients.  Professionalism is often undervalued in many manual labour industries, and outfitting employees with a professional style can put a business ahead of their competition.

This effect can be seen across businesses and perhaps on the largest scale in the sporting world.  Football clubs pump a massive amount of funding into uniform development as they are aware it impacts their bottom line.  A popular uniform can bring in new revenue and fans and increase their club’s global brand.

In the case of smaller businesses, the same principles apply but on a smaller scale.  A cleaner and more professional uniform can result in new clients and profit, so proper uniforms can be seen as an investment rather than purely an expense.

Image and brand considerations are even important for small business, and uniform choices can have a long-term impact on success.

Work fashion for the individual

Work clothing has seen a resurgence in popularity in both high and popular fashion.  More people can be seen sporting workman brands and dressing like a traditional manual labourer.

Clothing items such as overalls, work jackets, are now sported by a young and hip crowd.  This can be seen as a co-opting of labourer culture or in a brighter light, an appreciation for hard work and a strong work ethic.

Either way, it is clear this trend can is seeping into the fashion world, and both business and individuals can benefit from the new-found appreciation for work clothing.

Some businesses are marketing specifically toward individuals wearing this attire outside of the work context.  This type of clothing will focus less on functionality and look to appeal more to the fashion aspect of consumer culture.

Workmen will not be caught in the purely fashionable clothing, but work clothing brands will increasingly appeal to the individual, so it is important to make sure you buy the right type of clothing for your specific need.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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