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5 Businesses You Can Run From A Self Storage Unit

If you’re a business owner, you probably have several criteria that a work space needs to meet for you to consider setting up camp there.

It needs to be something flexible, in terms of access and in use of space. It has to be secure so you don’t have to add fear of theft to your already long list of concerns as a business owner. And it needs to be cost-effective – you can’t be forking out as much as you bring in, just on rent.

There is an increasing number of SMEs flocking to two particular types of work spaces that offer all of these: self-storage units and co working spaces.

Storage units are fast becoming a popular option for businesses in a vast range of industries. Far from being a place to store cardboard boxes and unused furniture, a storage unit can be moulded and transformed to fit the needs of an impressive range of businesses.

If you’re thinking, that’s good enough but I don’t think my business would work from a storage unit — then you might need to think again.

To really give you an example of how a business can use a storage unit as office space, here are 5 businesses that you can run from a self-storage unit.


The first business that might have popped into your head probably wasn’t an accountancy firm, was it?

A self-storage unit can easily be converted into a sleek and professional office space for a smaller team of accountants to work out of.

To keep their work streamlined and organised, they can set up their day-to-day space with simple storage solutions to access important documents they need on a regular basis. To make sure the office space doesn’t become cluttered, they can rent extra storage space elsewhere in the facility to put excess paperwork in an archive.

When they want to meet clients, meetings can be arranged and conducted in on-site meeting spaces if the storage facility has this, or you can take the opportunity to pamper important clients with a cafe visit or a lunch on your account.

The space is functional and excellent for day-to-day work, and the rent is likely to save you a lot of money.

Repairs Services

A storage unit workspace is perfect for fix-er-up-ers in the line of repairs — electronic or mechanic.

The storage unit space can be modified to act as a fully-functioning workshop. With room to store equipment, protective gear, carry out practical repairs, and do administrative work, it’s an ideal work space solution.

It’s also an incredibly safe option when it comes to storing expensive tools compared to keeping it in the back of a van or in a garden shed. Most self-storage facilities come with an impressive range of safety features such as secure locks, unique entry codes and 24/7 CCTV.

If your business is seasonal or if you’re looking to scale it’s simple to upgrade/ downgrade your square metres so you’re only paying for the space you need.

Second-Hand Sellers

Second-hand product sellers are no longer confined to sell their wares at car boot sales, online, or in temporary high-street pop-up shops.

A self-storage unit is a fantastic, adaptable spot to sell all sorts of second-hand goods, whether it be re purposed furniture, vintage clothing, or unusual books.

Setting up shop in a storage unit can be easily done with demarcated spaces for a checkout and for displaying goods on rails or shelves.

And of course, if your second-hand store has an eCommerce store too, you can run the ship from a storage unit for a very competitive rent.

Another bonus for those selling vintage or easily damaged items is that storage units are not only secure from thieves, they are also secure from the elements. With great ventilation and climate control, your items will be kept in tip-top condition.

E-Commerce Businesses

As well as running a physical shop out of a storage unit, owners of eCommerce stores can use the space for the behind-the-scenes running of their business.

Having the space of the storage unit is essential for separating work and home life.

There’s space to take professional photos for your website without fear of pets or family members getting in the shot.

The work space is multi-functional, easily separated into an area for using the computer to manage databases and print off packaging labels; a space to organise inventory; and another space for packing up products, ready to send off.

If the store needs more room to breathe during peak business times of the year, they are not sucked into a restrictive lease. If they need more storage space or a bigger unit, they are likely to be able to liaise this with ease with the facility management.


A storage unit can be converted into a fully-functioning studio for those in the videography/photography line of work.

It offers an environment to have lighting, backdrops, tripods, and cameras permanently set up how they like it, without having to take it apart and rebuild it every time they have a guest over to their home.

Storage unit operating hours suit the often erratic and anti-social hours that videographers and photographers do, so they can work late to finish off those essential edits on their latest piece of client work.

They can live the dream of having their own personal studio without the crazy rental prices of city centre locations.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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