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Streamlining the Customer’s Online Experience to Achieve Better Conversions

A streamlined and seamless website is a valuable asset in e-commerce marketing. From order placement, payment method, shipping, to after-sale services, integration plays a crucial role in maximising your business’s chances of success. A streamlined online experience creates a hassle-free shopping experience for your customers, saves time, resources and helps avoid errors. Additionally, streamlining of the payment method helps reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase sales. Below, we look at factors to be considered when setting up an e-commerce website.

Match your design with products

Your e-commerce website needs to be consistent for it to deliver positive results. Coherency between your product design and what is offered in the market contributes to the overall image of your site. Your colour scheme, image, and text should be in sync with your business website. For instance, if you are dealing with products for children, your website’s design should look colourful and fun.

Showcase your products and descriptions in the best format

Your e-commerce website plays a crucial part in marketing your products. It is therefore paramount to have products adequately highlighted in the website. Make use of high-quality images to grab the attention of potential buyers. The images should be of high quality to ensure the customer has a clear view of the real product. Give a detailed description of your products and maintain consistency in every page. A vivid description from every angle of your products is vital in customer retention.

Ensure fast loading of your site on both a mobile device and computer

Slow loading websites discourage customers from visiting and shopping with you. With a high number of consumers now using their mobile devices as the primary mode of accessing the internet, it is paramount to ensure they have easy access. All customer services should have mobile functionality for seamless customer experience.

Guest checkout

Today, it is common among websites to demand that customers first create an account before being able to make a purchase. Besides this being useful to such businesses in enabling follow-up and account management, to customers, this is unnecessary trouble. Customers prefer a quick and anonymous shopping experience.

Seamless guest checkouts in e-commerce marketing help boost conversion rates, thus increasing the bottom line by removing the unnecessary bottleneck in a purchase (signing up/registration process). Additionally, it is essential for an e-commerce site to simplify a customer’s checkout time in their website to motivate repeat purchases.

Payment options and security

It is essential to provide a wide range of payment options to your customers. When you become considerate of your customers’ payment preferences, this increases their drive to do business with you, thus, increasing your sales volume. E-commerce marketing sites are increasingly being targeted by hackers, making it vital to secure your site. Hacking attempts can leave you, and your customers exposed and further hurt your reputation. Encryption is one way to secure a customer’s sensitive information including e-mail, phone contacts, address, and credit cards.

Support and contact information

You can earn loyalty from customers by instilling confidence in them and showing your passion for helping solve their problems. It is vital to let your customers know that you are always only an email, text, live chat, or a call away. Try to respond to queries as quickly as possible and always offer help. You should ensure to prominently display all your contact information on your site to show the willingness to be engaged in discussions concerning issues faced by your customers as they shop from you.

Finally, instil confidence in potential shoppers by availing reviews from past customers. Customers should be able to rate the products and services they buy after completing a purchase on your website’s product page.

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