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12 Key Business Tools to Boost Sales Volume in 2019

Your aim as a business owner will be to make a lot of sales that will lead to the expansion of your business. As such, all your efforts will be geared towards ensuring that customers keep coming back to your business.

This quarter, you can increase your efforts: make some improvements and do away with unhelpful strategies. Here is a list of things you can do that will boost sales volume in 2019:

     1. Do your website a favour

This might sound irrelevant and you might not see the need for it but best believe that you can boost your sales volume this year when you redesign your website.  Customers who visit your website to shop are probably tired of seeing the same things over and over again. Give your website a lift by changing the design, adding more exciting colors and creating more engaging contents. Something else you could do is make your contents more persuasive so that more actions of purchase can be made.

     2. Advertise like your business depends on it

Much like the right insurance cover is the backbone of your business; marketing is the oxygen of an enterprise. Somebody said not advertising your product is like a man who is sitting in the dark and winking at a lady he likes. Nobody knows what he is doing except him. That is how important marketing is. If you do not advertise your product, you and your few customers are the only people who know what you are doing and this is not good for sales. Do a lot of advertisement, tell people why they need to buy your products. Contact for answers to some of your advertising questions.

     3. Tell your story and be visual

Story telling is one of the best ways to increase your sales online or offline. Tell stories about your struggles, your achievement and your progress. People like to know that the people who run businesses are humans too. Humans relate to human experiences. Put yourself out there in the form of videos that people can relate with. Videos that show how your business runs and relates to your customers personally will help them to get in touch with the human side of you, and boost your sales.

     4. Use business tools

In this age of technology, a lot of digital tools have been designed to help entrepreneurs. Tools to help you and your sales team understand what you have in mind, what your goals are and how you would like to go about it.  Having a sales team that truly understands what your business goals are, is priceless.

There are other tools that are designed to make other jobs like accounting, keeping tabs on customers and content creation easier. With the help of these tools, you’d be able to concentrate on other things like boosting sales. Examples of these tools are: Smarp, Oribi, Norbert, Growbots, Groove, UberSuggest and Facebook ads. All of these are digital resources that you can use to boost sales.

     5. Sales tools:

These are tools that directly help with how you respond to visitors who visit your website. Often times, when people visit your website, they don’t necessarily take action. However, with innovations on ground, tools have been provided to help make it easier for you to monitor the number of visitors that visit your web. Example of these sales tools are:

a) Intercom Acquire: It enables you to communicate with leads who are visiting your website. It helps you to set up rules to show messages that concerns a visitor’s need.

b) Active Campaign: This helps you monitor the leads as it concerns your website. Then it uses this trigger to do email marketing on your behalf.

c) Lead Forensic: This tool helps you with follow up. Sometimes, visitors visit your website and do not fill your form. Lead forensic helps you by providing the company’s IP address so that one of your team can do a follow up.

     6. Asking the right questions:

When it comes to boosting sales, it is important to ask customers the right questions. It is important to understand customer’s psychology. To understand what the customers need and understand the product they go after, because understanding the heartbeat of the customer will help you define and create the right content. This can be done by sending out survey forms to existing customers and running ads on your survey.

     7. Get a good accounting tool:

You will not know if your sales have increased if you don’t have a good accounting tool. One accounting tool you can use is the Demand Metric. This is a Microsoft word document that makes it easy for you to clearly portray vital accounting information and establish a plan for account development.

     8. Predict ahead:

To boost your sales, you have to be able to predict what your future sales will look like. There’s a business tool that can help you with that. It’s called Demand Solution Forecast. This tool will help you in terms of collaborative forecasting and decision making.

     9. Plan your sales:

One way to boost your sales is to plan your sales. Have a plan – a well thought out plan for how to plan and make future sales. One tool that can help you achieve that is Longitude. Longitude is known for its design to unify sales planning. It also offers a free downloadable model sales plan. All these plans are in Microsoft word format.

     10. Follow up on existing customers:

Customers are the back bone for sales. And if customers are kept satisfied, they keep coming back. As they come back, they go on to spread the good news. But the customers need to be kept in contact with. You have to keep in touch with the customers. The Time Trade sales scheduling software can help you with that by scheduling your calls to help you keep in touch with your customers in time.

     11. Create an ease for your sales team:

If you have a great team who understands the goals of your sales for the year, it will easier to boost your sales. Mind Jet is an online resource that can help keep your sales team in sync. It makes it possible for the entire sales team to make a collaborative venture every time and make alignment meetings. It is designed to have a virtual whiteboard, drag and drop editing and organization charts result.

     12. Score leads:

Score the leads that you get on your website. Know the number of people who visit and know what content they concentrate on. Check the previous advertisement and see the campaign with the less reactions and change it.

One of the best ways to boost your sales is to use the business tools that big brands use. This not only puts you ahead of the game, it also helps you understand how the big fish work. It also helps you understand what is obtainable in the current market and know how other companies boost their sales.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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