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Scaling up? What to anticipate when moving your business

Congratulations! You clearly have managed to navigate your way through the cut-throat nature of business in order to make sure that yours has managed to stay ahead of your competition. Better yet, you have actually managed to make your brand flourish. That is why you have finally decided that it is time to upgrade your business by moving its headquarters to a brand-new area. Here is what you should expect should you decide to go ahead with scaling up.

Moving your Business is like moving Home

The office you are currently located at will be full of items that have been used to conduct your business. Whether you are working in a store or an office, you may have extremely delicate software that can be easily broken or lost during the move. Make sure to organise your stock accordingly and get a trustworthy moving company to transfer all of your company’s stock safely. If you are feeling a little unsure about which removal company is best, you can go online to look for comparison websites, like Compare The Man and the Van, to uncover the best quotes.  You may also want to consider asking your employees to help transfer their items in preparation for the move in return for extra pay.

Get the Essentials Set Up

Remember that if you decide to move your business during the working week, you may end up having to close for business in order to fully set up your new office. That means that you will not be making money and may even end up closing whilst you get the office set up. Be sure to move on a day of the week that your brand is usually closed on. That way you will not be wasting time or money. You should also make sure that you all of your essentials set up in preparation for you to move your business into its new building. This includes electricity, water, heating and wi-fi.

Employee Concerns

This is a sad truth but not all of your workers will be able to move alongside your business, especially if you aim to move far away. Unless you have placed a mobility clause in your employee’s contract then you may find that unless the move is reasonable, your employees may be entitled to redundancy pay or simply decide to find a new job. Keep this in mind when you are moving and always give your employees enough time to consider their own situations and whether or not they can afford to keep working at your company.

Additional Marketing Requests

If you are looking to move to a different city or building, you may be questioned about the reasons why you have done this. The last thing you want to do is give people the impression that you are downscaling. So why not look into creating an advertisement campaign, like a news article or blog, that will let your clients know that you have moved. That way they can choose to keep an eye on your business if they ever visit your new location in the future.

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