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Crafts to Try With Your Children

Are you looking to pull your kids away from the TV? Maybe it’s the school holidays and you need to plan some activities that are fun but don’t break the bank. Why not try some arts and craft activities with them? Here are some fun ideas that you can try with them and make some great art in the process.

Thumbprint Trees

If you’ve tried finger painting before, this is very similar but just as fun. Either draw a tree trunk or print one out from a template online. Then, mix up some paint and let your kids use their thumbs to create ‘leaves’ with their thumbprints. Go traditional with different shades of green, autumnal with reds, or even fantastical with multi-coloured leaves. You can even go one step further and make it a family tree, filling in family details on the picture.

Learn To Knit

You’re never too young to learn to knit. This activity is perfect for the colder months when you’re looking to stay cosy and warm. Why not try to make a scarf with your kids? There are lots of accessible tutorials online, and stores like The Works have yarn and wool that are priced cheap in their arts and craft sale sections. Get stuck in and help them make something snuggly and warm.

Create a Fairy Garden

These are so popular right now, and it’s easy to see why. For you, it’s very simple and inexpensive to get the parts for this project. For your kids, it’s nothing short of magical. Use an old plant pot and buy a fairy house kit to put together with your children. Then, let them decorate the garden as they see fit. Glass beads for stepping stones, fabric flowers for a flower garden, and of course, a healthy dose of glitter are all great decoration ideas.

Get Into Rock Painting

You’ll have seen stones that are popping up everywhere with fun designs on them. Why not get involved? All you need are some stones, some acrylic paint, and your kids’ imagination. Let them paint whatever their heart desires, and then go out and hide them in your neighbourhood. You can even add an email address on the back so people can let you know where they’ve found them.

Start Making Origami Figures

Origami looks complicated, but once you learn how to make a crane or a frog, you’ll soon see that your children can do it with ease. Pick up a back of coloured and patterned origami paper, and the sky’s the limit when it comes to what they can make. Cranes are fun as they can be strung together, making a fun decoration in their bedrooms.

These are just a few ideas that you and your kids can try out when you have downtime. Step away from the TV and your phones, and make something together. It’s so much fun to create things, and you’ll find it’s much cheaper than you imagined, too.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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