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How Can I Future Proof My Home?

Technology seems to change by the minute so by the time you spend your hard-earned money to update TV’s, computers, not to mention video game consoles, there are new versions being released. If you are planning a big home renovation, adding a home lift may be part of future-proofing your home. You can make it easier for your future self to access multiple floors and provide value to buyers if you decide to sell your home in the future. Home lifts used to be reserved for the rich and famous in society, but nowadays they are more accessible than ever. A home lift can be installed quickly and easily if you know what features you need. Much like any home renovation project, it can get overwhelming, so if you need assistance, UK home lift experts are on hand to help you. They can answer any questions you have about home lifts and whether or not one might be right for you.

What Is A Home Lift?

A through-floor or domestic lift allows homeowners to move freely between floors without the need for stairs. Home lifts are safe and allow independent movement, making them ideal for the aging in place movement, which allows you to stay and continue to build equity in the home you love. Home lifts offer independence to those who may have mobility issues, either temporarily or permanently.

How Much Does A Home Lift Cost?

The price of home lifts depends on several factors. The size and style of the lift are the two main factors, but retro-fitting work may also be needed. There are three main styles of home lift including traction, hydraulic, and pneumatic. Each of these lift types has their own pros and cons, so a home lift expert will help you decide which is right to install for your home.

Why Do I Need A Home Lift?

Not convinced that a home lift is right for you? There are two main reasons why most look to install these devices in their homes.

  • Regain Independence: If you have mobility issues and are currently only using one floor of your home, a home lift could help. Getting up and down the stairs doesn’t have to be a struggle. A home lift provides a safe environment to access the upper floors of your home.
  • Stay Where You Are: Many older individuals fear having to sell their home to downsize because of decreased mobility. A home lift solves this issue by making the rest of your home accessible again.  

So, Are Home Lifts Affordable?

How much you pay for a home lift depends on the style and features you want for your home. Typically, you can expect to pay around £10,000 or more for the elevator alone. Keep in mind that the price does not consider contractor costs for retrofitting the elevator to your current home. The amount of work that needs to be done to retrofit a home lift is hard to estimate online. That’s because no one knows what the job may require until they visit your home and give an assessment.

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