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Relationship Expert Sami Wunder Shows Successful Women How to Crack the Code to Romantic Love

Leading relationship expert Sami Wunder specialises in working with successful, independent women around the world and helps them attract a healthy romantic relationship with a man who is a match for them!

Sami Wunder became a love coach for high achieving women, based on her own life experiences, where she found herself a high-achiever in her professional life but struggled unexplainably in her love life.

An MPP graduate from Germany´s renowned school for public policy, the Hertie School of Governance and a gold medallist in Economics from India´s top college in commerce and economics, Sami´s love life looked the complete opposite of her professional success.

While working in the international development sector as a consultant, it was a heart-breaking experience with a man she loved that finally inspired Sami to dive into studying dating and romantic relationships.

Having always been an ace student, Sami was amazed at what she learnt and how our unhealthy patterns in romantic relationships have much do with our childhood role-modelling, our self-esteem, and an incomplete to zero understanding of how attraction actually works for men (it´s way beyond just good looks, for example!)

Within nine months of her personal transformation, Sami was engaged to the man she would marry. Today, she´s in the 6th year of her happy marriage and they have a son.

It was in 2016 that Sami decided to leave her successful career in international development and instead set up a coaching business, teaching other successful women like herself how to use the skills she had learned to attract the right romantic relationship, without compromising on their careers or intelligence.

Sami Wunder is passionate about all strong and successful knowing that it is possible to have amazing love, and amazing professional success, all at the same time.

Her work has seen tremendous success in a short amount of time. Love can be a hard crack to code say Naturally Dating who organised events for people looking for love.

She is the CEO of a highly successful company that now reaches over 54K + strong, successful women across 30 countries around the globe and over 100 of Sami´s clients have found soulmate love through her work and several others found the love back in their relationships and marriages.

Why Successful Women Struggle in Love

Sami´s classic client is the smart, successful woman leader who has it going for her in her professional life.

This woman knows how to take charge, be in control, lead, plan, execute and be the one many people turn to, when in a crisis.

While on the outside it seems to outsiders that this woman has it all together, on the inside she is often hurting when it comes to her romantic relationships.

Even though she desires to have a passionate partnership with a good man, Sami´s client often has a hard time finding a man who is a match to her level of talent and intellect.

Secondly, when she does like a man or feels like she´s found someone who has potential, these men may not necessarily be interested in her romantically and can fizzle out or ghost without an explanation.

This otherwise successful, amazing, sensitive woman may also get the feedback from men that she is un-approachable or that they cannot seem to connect and “feel for her” at a deeper level.

Many of Sami´s clients are therefore left feeling embittered and sometimes disliking men all together or wondering whether love is meant for them at all. Their bad experiences in dating also make them conclude that good men are intimidated by their success and strength, something that Sami vehemently opposes.

The Sami Wunder philosophy revolves around helping women in these types of situation to develop the skills they need to attract and maintain healthy relationships, without compromising on their professional success.

Wunder explains women how their “doing” (masculine energy) may have got them professional success but it is their “being” (feminine energy) that will help them attract amazing love.

Wunder supports women through a range of group coaching programs and high -end VIP private support to develop and hone healthy dating skills, self -love and feminine energy, personalising the coaching for each client based on the underlying reasons why she is still single.

Masculine and Feminine Energies

A large part of the teachings of Sami Wunder revolve around recognising the difference between masculine and feminine energies and teaching successful women how to harness their feminine energy in dating while keeping their masculine for work.

Each gender has both masculine and feminine energies inside us, which can be described as ‘doing’ (masculine) and ‘being’ (feminine) energies.

Many strong, successful women, the majority of Sami´s clientele, spend large parts of their lives harnessing their masculine energy to achieve professional success. This is all about doing, leading, controlling, planning, pushing forward.

While this is great for professional success, it can hinder these women when they bring the same masculine energy into play when dating.

The scientific understanding behind this is that attraction in romantic relationships is based on the presence of polar opposite energies. The presence of polarity leads to sexual tension and attraction.

Therefore, a woman who wants to attract a strong, ambitious and successful man must learn how to do so using her feminine energy.

Women who lead with their masculine energy, often attract men who are more in touch with their feminine side and this is okay if they´re happy.

However, what Sami notices is that many strong, successful women would prefer to be with a man who is more goal-oriented, ambitious and driven than them– precisely the type of men who are not going to be attracted to masculine energy in women.

Hence, a woman who knows how to reconnect with her feminine energy and embody that when dating will naturally become irresistible to men, teaches Wunder.

This is the science of attraction in operation.

Embracing Your Feminine Energy

Embracing and harnessing the power of feminine energy that already exists inside of you is one of the keys to finding romantic success, according to the Wunder philosophy.

This doesn’t mean compromising on career choices or other aspects of life that require a harnessing of masculine energy.

It does involve learning to let go of that masculine energy and embrace your feminine in personal relationships.

Wunder explains how women who find that the men they date often say they find it hard to connect with them are likely giving off the wrong type of energy to attract the kind of man they want.

She insists that it is not about playing unintelligent or helpless, but more about becoming a feminine diva.

By respecting a man to take the lead in relationships and seeing yourself as the prize that deserves to be pursued, you allow a man to be in his masculine energy for you.

Your only job is to lean back and receive in your feminine energy.  This sets the stage for the polarity of energies to build attraction between highly successful women and men, based on the science of attraction.

When you approach romance with this knowledge, you can see how you can be highly successful in your career and you can still attract an amazing man in your life, if you don´t lead with your masculine energy in your love life.

A big part of accessing your feminine energy is also allowing yourself to be vulnerable and soft and letting men see you this way.

Embracing emotional vulnerability is not a sign of weakness as many strong women of our generation may have been taught.

Becoming a High Value Woman

A high value woman understands that she is the prize in love. She stays in her attractive feminine energy and lets the man choose her and give to her.

This involves practices such as letting him plan dates, initiate contact and pursue his ‘prize’.

High value traits therefore include the ability to receive, joyfully and actively, without feeling pressure to return in the same proportions.

A high value woman knows that the pleasure of her time, company and attention are gifts enough for a high- quality man. That she is giving to him, albeit not in a masculine way.

Next up, inner confidence, the knowledge that we have choices when it comes to dating and an ability to feel worthy of attention and gifts are all high value traits.

A high value woman puts her own needs first and maintains high standards, never settling for less than the best treatment from a man.

Sami Wunder´s work is revolutionising the way strong, successful, feminist women, approach their love lives and it´s truly making a difference!

For more relationship advice, follow Sami Wunder on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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