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Bluepillow, the Newest Global Search Engine for Your Holiday Apartments

Booking a holiday has become an operation accessible to everyone, assuming of course that they can use a PC connected to the Internet or, in the case of the youngest tourists, just a smartphone. And we know that the world of the Internet and the world of travel are so closely linked to each other that they move forward on an arm’s length basis.

Thanks to portals such as Booking and Expedia (just to name the most famous), booking a room or a flight from your own home is no longer a problem and if you want to find out about destinations and activities to do “on site”, you can now have access to travel blogs, review portals and Facebook groups, through which you can exchange experiences and get a good picture of the destination of your trip in every detail that can help you a lot with the planning of your trip, without needing an agency. And if you want instead

 an apartment or if you are looking for some experience to do on site, you can check Airbnb with the possibility to compare the results with dozens of other portals

A New Italian Holiday Apartment Search Engine: Fast, Easier and More Efficient.

But today, an Italian portal has been attempting to delete the necessity of skipping from one website on the Internet to another, by trying to gather together all of the offers of holiday homes, hotels, campsites, farm holidays, villas or bed & breakfasts: this new portal is Bluepillow, which was founded in Italy and has over one and a half million users and over 8 million accommodations all over the world.  The Bluepillow portal will find for you all the offers combined that come from sites such as Airbnb, Booking and Expedia, just to name the main ones, so you can try to work on a model that allows you to find what you are looking in a more quick and easy way, without having to bounce from one side to the other. You will have in a single screen the offers of agencies, hotels or managers and even private individuals.

If you’re thinking of earning some money to finally take away some of the treats you’ve always had in mind and so if you want to rent your holiday home, you can go to Bluepillow and publish your ad: it’s the only platform in Europe that allows it without the inter-mediation of agencies and without commission costs, both for the owner and for the guest, who are then put in touch via phone or email in a revolutionary way and on a worldwide scale.

What is its Strength? The Grouping of the Offers?

Yes but that is not all:  the Bluepillow model is based on technologies that are able to select for you the 20 best results based on your parameters and your tastes in order to find the right solution in a couple of clicks.

Large international portals are investing on the Bluepillow platform to gain visibility to their offers; but in the same way also individual owners can advertise their ads with a small investment that provides only the disbursement of a micro-contribution for the contacts received on their holiday home. On Bluepillow you will find only property that are available and that are fully consistent with the search you made, in terms of size, location, price and services offered. We can define it a sort of Skyscanner dedicated to the world of housing.

Now that you have all the information that you need for the reservation your holiday apartment or villa, go ahead, book it and go pack your bags!


Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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