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How to Sell Property Fast

It’s always a good idea to sell your home. However, the longer your home remains on the market, the lower offers you may get for it. It may be quite challenging and stressful to sell your home fast. According to the recent Zillow Research, a home may remain on the market on average during 68 days.

Of course, there are certain factors such as the home price or its location which may affect the selling speed. Here is a quick guide to the fastest ways to sell your house. 

  • Fix Everything

It may be rather daunting to fix everything before you sell the house. However, it is quite reasonable, especially when speaking of a buyer’s market. Make sure you fix the most eye-catching things such as dripping faucets, peeling paint, running toilets or stains on the carpets. 

Consider changing the old windows and broken lights; fix the attic and any other places that you’ve neglected for a long time. It may not sound exciting as your aim is to get rid of your old home. On the other hand, you certainly want the deal to go as smooth as possible. So, it pays to be fore-thoughtful and prepare a place for prospective buyers so that it looks attractive. If you need some inspiration on home fixes, you can check out these double wide remodel ideas.

  • Find the Top Real Estate Agent

Hiring a reliable real estate agent is a crucial step towards selling your personal or commercial property fast. These specialists keep in touch with both sellers and buyers to market the home, craft the listing and schedule its showings. It is estimated that property sold by real estate agents generally go for several thousands of dollars more than those which were sold without an agent. 

It is especially crucial if you have a commercial property for sale. A real estate agent can do wonders to sell it quickly.

If you decide to go without an experienced and qualified agent you will face harder work that will be riskier and more time-consuming. According to the National Association of Realtors, there are over 2 million agents in the USA these days with 1.35 million of them being licensed real estate agents. Do your own research; ask your friends and colleagues for any recommendations in order to select the top agent in your area.

  • Choose the Right Price

It’s no secret that the buyers always want to find the cheapest deal while sellers want to list the highest price for their property. While you may be tempted to do the same, take some time and think about the possible consequences. Top real estate agents suggest that it’s much better to list an adequate price for the home so that it attracts the attention of potential buyers. 

Many people don’t want to react on adverts with too high prices as it will take their time to negotiate. If you want to prevent your property from becoming a stale listing with no bids, go ahead and search for the most relevant price on similar property. In the end, too high prices may take it much longer to find a buyer and even lead to lowering the price.

At this moment, you can go to Free House Valuation online to check an estimate for your house. But remember that it is way too approximate.

  • Take Advantage of Modern Technology

Nowadays, it is the Internet that connects all people and becomes the key point of your successful sales. Remember that if you are willing to sell your property fast and make sure your online listing looks attractive to prospective buyers and includes all the necessary details and property pictures. The National Association of Realtors states that over 44% of potential buyers are looking for the deal online.

Even cooperating with a reliable real estate agent isn’t as important as putting your property online. Make sure the pictures are in high definition and suitable for mobile devices and tablets as these are one of the most popular devices among users these days.

All in all, follow these steps and it won’t take too long to get your property sold.

  • Title Loans Online

In order to invest in property, you will need to have funding. You can look into title loans online with the right vehicle may provide the initial funds you need to start investing in property right away.

  • Have You Considered Equity Release? 

You can also find yourself in a scenario where you don’t want to sell your home yet require financial assistance. In that instance, you might want to explore releasing equity from your home and continuing to live there. That option is only available to people over the age of 55. Equity release is becoming more common these days, but it requires a great deal of thought and research before taking this path.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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