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3 Reasons Why So Many Small Businesses Fail Every Year

We always hear so much about the success stories of entrepreneurs that it’s almost easy to ignore the fact that the number of failed small ventures is a lot greater than the number of successful ones.

Does it mean that the UK is unsuitable to start a small business in? The answer is to the contrary, as the small business environment in the United Kingdom is actually quite nurturing, even amidst so much confusion regarding Brexit. The reason why small businesses are failing today has a lot to do with their mistakes rather than Brexit!

Choosing a Dud

There is no point in investing money and resources in a sector which is either already saturated or has shown no prospects previously. This is not to say that you cannot make a change, but unless you are absolutely sure that you do have a revolutionary idea to rely on, avoid duds!

Mismanagement of Funds

When we mention mismanagement, it can mean different things to different business owners, depending on what caused their downfall. It could very well be the fact that they had over expanded before they were ready to make such a move, or maybe they funneled too much money in a doomed marketing campaign. The bottom line is that the decision-makers made some very wrong decisions, which resulted in the closing down of the company.

In general, though, mismanagement and wrong estimation of the available funds is very common, simply because new entrepreneurs may not always have sufficient experience to manage business funds with the preciseness that is necessary to make a small budget business plan work.

This is exactly where a service like Deluxe Financial Services comes in with their complete solution to this common issue. They have the experience and the skills necessary to help a new venture stand on their feet. From data-oriented marketing to treasury management services, they handle everything in exactly the way required, so that mismanagement of available funds is never an issue you will ever have to worry about.

Misunderstanding the Client Base

It is very easy to come into a field with an idea about how to handle your business, only to find that you need different tactics to cater to your clients’ demands. At this point, some business owners make the wrong choice of sticking with their original idea and not listening to their clients enough. Unless you are Apple, you simply can’t pull that off! Being dynamic and flexible with a few strong, core principles is extremely important.

This is the age of the customer and the customers are extremely demanding and informed these days. It’s a good thing too, as it makes them easier to understand. The trick is to build a product or a service around the client, instead of trying to create clients around a product or service which nobody really wants, especially when you are only starting out in a field of business as a new entrant.

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