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How To Complain To The Financial Ombudsman About A Debt Collector or Bailiff

Have you ever been in debt and the debt collectors won’t let you be in peace? If you find yourself in that situation, you could contact the financial ombudsman service for their help.

Companies like Marstons debt collectors Rossendales ltd and Lowell Financial Solicitors are usually hired to act as debt collectors. These companies can be hard to deal with, and they can harass you to clear the debt.

They go to the extent of threatening you that they will register you with the CCJ. When you file a complaint with the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), they can help you make a plan that can work for you and allow you to pay the debt without being harassed.

  1. Get In Touch

You need to get in touch with the financial ombudsman and file your complaint. When you get your complaint to the FOS, the case may be taken by the handler instantly. Sometimes the FOS may need time to get the right person who can handle your cases.

When you get a case handler, they will try to meet up with you. Then they can ask you to give them any additional information they may be having. This includes a final copy of the final response they sent to you.

Moreover, they take their time to get in touch with the company and hear both sides of the story. This is to give them an insight into your complaint and have all the details.

When you get more information, you can contact your handler. Also, the handler may need more information about your business. This gives them all the knowledge they may need concerning what your business is all about and why you needed to borrow money.

  1. The Communication Process

After filing a complaint with the financial ombudsman services, you need to sit and be patient and don’t contact the bailiff. This is to avoid any complaints between you and the debt collectors.

The FOS communicates to you via phone calls or writing. This is to ensure that they don’t take up most of your time with face to face meetings. They keep everything clear and straightforward.

Also, they have special ways of communication if you have visual or any other problem. They can communicate using braille, large text, or the British sign language.

This is to ensure that you can understand each other clearly. This ensures that their communication between the money lenders and your business is going okay. Also, you get to know all the information about the complaint and how it is going.

  1. Reviewing All The Information

When the FOS has collected all the information, they will let you know if the company treated you fairly. They need to ensure that you are on the right track to avoid you getting registered with the CCJ for not paying your loan.

The FOS explains the reasons for their conclusion. If the company treated you unfairly and harassed you when asking for the loan, they let them know how to make things right.

After the final view is given both you and the company take their time to go through the reason behind it. If you both agree with the final verdict, the case is closed. You both come up with ways to treat each other right depending on who was on the wrong.

If you don’t agree with the final decision, you can file for another complaint. Ensure you provide more information that can make them change their view. When they go through the new information, they provide they may change their mind or not. They will let you know the decision they make after going through everything.

  1. Taking Your Complaint A Step Further

When you have been given the final verdict and still feel like they have made the wrong ruling, you can ask for a case referral. This means that your case is given to an ombudsman.

The ombudsman takes its time going through all the provided details and information. If you have any new information, this is the time you provide it. They take your case as a new case and take their time going through the details.

After going through the information, the ombudsman makes their decision. After the final decision and you accept it. The company may be asked to give you compensation for your trouble.

If you still feel like the decision made was not the right one, you have every right to disagree. You can take any legal action, but the FOS is not involved.

  1. How Long The Process Takes

The process length is usually determined by how complex your situation is. Also, how much time it takes to obtain the needed information. Additionally, if you don’t require an ombudsman to make a final decision, the process is much faster.

If you only had a misunderstanding with the debt collector, the case usually proceeds faster. Also, if your situation is urgent, you need to get in touch with the FOS and tell them the situation.


Debt collectors can be hard to deal with, and sometimes they can harass you. When you need to avoid all this, and you need to have a new plan on how to pay your debt, you can contact FOS. They listen to your complaint and come up with a final verdict on how to pay the debt.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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