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Top 10 best business wallets for men

The best business wallets for men combining style and function

Some days you need to carry your whole life in your wallet and some days all you need are the essentials. What is always needed though, is a wallet that looks sharp and compliments the rest of your business attire, such as Harber London business wallets. Made from durable leather with a focus on style and function, they meet the requirements of a fast paced business life. In order to find the best suitable business wallet for your own needs though, it might be good to have some suggestions as to the kind of varieties that are out there.

The top 10

1. Bifold Wallet – the first variety has the ability to carry everything from cash to credit/debit cards to driver’s license. The stunning bifold design is slimming and it is often possible to choose from a variety of different colours. The bifold wallet is made to be practical as well as beautiful and as such there is easy access to the different card compartments and they often weigh next to nothing in themselves.

2. Card Wallet with RFID protection – another bifold variety only this time with RFID protection as well as room for all of your cards.

3. Bifold Zip Wallet – similar to the previously mentioned bifold wallet with the addition of a zip coin compartment for any loose change.

4. Zip Coin Wallets – this kind is of a smaller variety but still has the ability to carry both cash and cards. The size makes it a perfect fit for the inner pocket of the business suit.

5. Minimalist Wallet – also referred to as a card holder and here minimalistic is the operative word as these types of wallets are made with the intent of only carrying cards. The incredibly slim design will offer anywhere between two to eight pockets for your cards and little else. Minimalist wallets come in a multitude of colours as well as fabrications and sizes.

6. Leather Snap Card Holder – in the same category as the minimalist wallet but with the added snap lock for safety.

7. Travel Wallet – today’s business life often contains travel and at times you might need something more substantial when dashing between destinations. A travel wallet will fit currency, passport, cards and any additional travel documentation that you might need. Perhaps not as slim as the previous varieties but practical nonetheless.

8. Slim Leather Passport Wallet – this version of the travel wallet will still carry everything you need for your business trip with a few exceptions. The elegant design offers functionality as well as style.

9. Wallet Organiser for Smartphones – this variety will keep your phone secure as well as any cards and/or money. When business calls for you to constantly be available this is the perfect solution.

10. Leather Smartphone Sleeve Wallet – another perfect fit for your phone and your money while on the road. This wallet is great when you need to keep tabs on your phone and your finances without carrying your briefcase as well.

Choose the best business wallet for you

These 10 suggestions for the best business wallets for men is not an exhaustive list but it does give a pretty good indication as to the different varieties that are available.

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