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Why Start Your Own Business? Here are Some Reasons Why it’s a Great Idea

We’ve all fantasised about working for ourselves at least once, right? On those Wednesday afternoons when the week isn’t going quite quickly enough, the weekend still seems a million miles away and your boss is cracking down hard on you, it’s easy to sit and think about how much easier it would be if you could choose your own working hours, and be your own boss. Well, what if someone told you that that was a possibility? If you’re seriously thinking about starting your own business, and think you have the right experience and credentials in a certain field to do so, then here are some of the reasons why starting your own business could be a great idea.

You Get to Be Your Own Boss

Whether your big business idea is becoming a freelance makeup artist, or you’re more likely to start a We Buy Any House company, it really doesn’t matter – one of the most appealing things about it is you get to be your own boss.

Now, sometimes we’re lucky enough to get a good boss. A boss who encourages and rewards us, and doesn’t look down on us simply as their subordinate. However, all too often, you come across these people who have been promoted to being in charge, and have therefore let all of the power go to their head. These are the bosses who have us wishing all too often that we worked for ourselves.

Well the good news is, if you’re starting up your own business, then you don’t have anybody else to answer to at all. You’re completely in charge of your own decisions, and furthermore get to work on your own time constraints. Although it’s more responsibility, the freedom is ultimately worth it.

You Can do What You Love

Whatever your business idea might be, it’s likely to be something you’re either really interested in, or are passionate about. Even if you don’t love it, at least it’ll be something you like.

One of the worst things is working a job you hate and get no satisfaction from whatsoever. By starting your own business, you’ll probably never have to do this again. Doing something that interests you is likely to make you work harder, feel more motivated, and be happier in your day to day life. There’s nothing better than job satisfaction.

You Get to Give Your Own Deadlines

Sometimes, the stress of deadlines can get a little too much for us. Well, if you’re working for yourself on your own business, then it’s you who actually gets to decide when those deadlines are. Of course, if you’re working with other companies on business deals then you’ll have to come to an agreement, but ultimately, you’ll have a lot more say on the deadlines themselves. You can even choose your own clock in and clock out times. This can be dangerous when getting the balance right, because you don’t want to under work, but also you also don’t want to overwork yourself. Get this just right, and you’ll have a happy work-life balance going in no time.

You Get to Be Creative

If you’re a creative person who’s ever worked a tedious nine ‘til five job, then you’ll know how much it can quash your inspiration. However, if you have your own business, you’re likely to feel more inspired than ever.

Whether it be logos, advertising, innovative ideas or actually just conducting business itself, you have free reign to be as creative as you like when you own your own company. There’s little more satisfying than being able to be totally creative day in-day out, so enjoy it! Not everyone gets to do it, but you very possibly could.

It Can be Profitable

Last but not least, you could end up earning some serious money from owning your own business.

In the early days, it’s right to be prepared for things to take a little time. You’re likely to start off as a small company with a few clients, but with hard work, determination and the right attitude and contacts, who knows where this could take you?

Think of the most successful companies in the world – Apple for example. They began as a small start up company, and look at them now. If you have the ambition and the dedication to make it work, who knows? Your small business originally ran out of your spare bedroom turned office could eventually become its own global empire. Dare to dream!

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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