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Say Hello to Your New Best Friend, Superglue

You may have some great friends, but nothing compares to the loyalty of superglue. Your trusty tube of adhesive will never ‘not be able to make it’, will never let you down at the last minute, and will never not bother to call or text. When you need superglue it will be there for you 24/7 no matter what is on TV.

In fact, your trusty tube of Loctite is easily your new best friend. From fixing things in the home to repairing your car, a good glue gives you peace of mind. Should something go horribly wrong, you have a small, portable yet strong tool to fix things that a spanner and screwdriver can’t.

Market Share

Superglue on the world’s markets is profitable. There is currently Brexit turbulence, but this will settle out once Britain sorts Brexit out. In the year 2016-2017, the market was worth £688.8m, according to IBISWorld. It employs over 3,778 people, and there are around 85 players in the market. You may have noticed ads from the bigger players surface from time to time.

In an Emergency, Superglue is there for you

No adhesive will mend a broken heart, but if you have a tear in your bag, it will do the job. There are certain types of glue designed for specific material. Without going elaborating on the science, glues are made to certain formulas intended to react with a specific material. As such, whether you are fixing leather to fixing a cup handle, there is a glue that can do the job.

For the house, ensure you have a tube of universal superglue handy. Should something break, and we all know that accidents happen, you can put whatever is broken back in the game quickly. Often, all that’s needed is a dab of glue to ensure you can keep wearing your favourite belt, or keep using your favourite mug.

A Brief Guide to Choosing Your New Best Friend

Ideally, your new best friend will feature the following:

Your glue will be wash and dishwasher adhesive. You don’t want said mug’s handle to come off as it goes through a dishwasher cycle.

  • It is shock resistant. You don’t want the thing to vibrate apart.
  • Fast-acting. For many patience is in short supply, especially in our digital world.
  • You can’t see when it dries. Glues that dry bright green should be avoided. This applies to all colours. A beautiful brown leather handbag with a dollop of yellow glue to fasten the handle is not a good look.
  • It can be used almost anywhere. The better glues can be used with most surfaces with no issues. Double check it is suitable for the material you want to fix.
  • It’s easy to apply. The better adhesives come with a choice of applicators, including nozzles, brushes, etc.

Additionally, ensure that it is easy to open and you don’t have to spend twenty minutes unclogging it before you can use it.

A good superglue is not much good at conversation, and you can’t enjoy a good night out with it. In the home or car at least, it could well be your best friend.

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