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Start dropshiping with Craigslist proxies

Why would somebody focus their attention on Craigslist and get proxies for classified ads websites? The simple answer is that Craigslist generates sales and even in 2019 is one of the most visited sites in the United States. Another advantage of promoting on Craigslist is its local orientation and ability to sell physical products. Here’s why many entrepreneurs and marketers still focus on Craigslist in 2019. And to improve their chances and to increase their revenue, they buy Craigslist proxies to post multiple ads in multiple areas. 

A great business model that benefited from this type of promotion is dropshipping. Here’s how and why you should get Craigslist proxy packages for your dropshipping business and what products you can sell.

Why buy Craigslist proxies for dropshipping

Craigslist and its locally-oriented platform offer several advantages for which you should buy Craigslist proxies. 

One great argument is that when you promote with Craigslist proxies, you can reach a national audience, provided that you post ads in major metropolitan areas and you can sell cheaper products than local businesses. For example, you do not need a physical storefront in a commercial area. You can sell your products from your garage. So, you can cut costs and offer better prices. And by posting through Craigslist proxies, potential buyers will know that your product is local and can be shipped locally.

Another reason is the trust local businesses have when interacting with potential customers. Even if your business is located in Florida and your customer in New York, if you mention you are a local business (even from out of state), the customer will still trust you more than a big corporation or faceless company. 

What type of products to sell with Craigslist proxies

There are several types of products that you can sell with the help of Craigslist proxies and ship them nationwide. Generally, products that do not go off and can be transported over long distances are an excellent fit for dropshipping businesses via Craigslist. 

However, the only factor to consider is that you should find the price point. A cheap product is not worth the delivery fee. And an expensive product is not usually bought via Craigslist. Hence, you should focus on finding products in the $250-$750 price bracket. 

Once you find several products that can be shipped nationwide and have this price, you can start using your Craigslist proxies to promote your ads nationwide. 

Also, you should consider products that are not a fade or a trend, but products that have existed for long and will continue existing in the near future. Here are three products you can dropship with the help of Craigslist proxies.

  1. Small furniture – It fits in the price bracket and some pieces can be easily transported over long distances.
  1. Beds and mattresses – These items have high dropshipping commissions and even if you don’t sell beds in volume, you can gain a high commission just by advertising beds next to your small furniture ads.
  1. Garden items – these are seasonal items, but they do not go off. Moreover, if they didn’t spark your interest, it probably didn’t spark the attention of other marketers. So there isn’t much competition in this space. 

In conclusion

While Craigslist doesn’t look a popular web platform, it’s one of the most used websites in the United States. And if you are looking to start an online business, you can start by doing dropshipping via Craigslist. And with the help of Craigslist proxies, you can reach a nationwide customer base and increase your chances of succeeding. 

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