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Tips for Having Pets in Your Contract Hire Car

Taking a car on contract hire is now a popular way of driving the latest model without paying an arm and a leg for it. However, since you have to return the car at the end of the lease, you must keep it in tip-top shape.

Driving with pets on board almost makes this impossible.  Clear guidelines exist on what to do to protect the pets when driving. But what do you do to protect your precious car from horrible smell and scratches?

1. Pet seat covers

Sometimes pets can’t stand being in the boot, especially dogs. If you want to take a road trip with your furry friend sitting right beside you, you have to protect your seats from damage. Regular seat covers will not do because they are not resilient enough. You need pet seat covers that cannot be penetrated by claws and teeth or tainted by pet urine and saliva. Many brands sell heavy-duty pet seat covers that are waterproof. However, make sure the seat covers have anchor points where you can install seat belts and harnesses to keep your pet safe.

2. Car hammock

One of the advantages of contract hire and leasing is that new car smell and perfect interior. While a seat covers will protect your car seats, they won’t protect the entire upholstery inside the car. A hammock is an ultimate solution. Keep every inch of the vehicle, including the back of the seats and even the boot in good condition. All that drool, urine, and saliva will not get into your vehicle’s expensive interior. The hammock should also have openings for seatbelt buckles and harnesses for the pet’s safety.

3. Crates and pet cages

 Traveling with your furry friend next to you is fun, but their safety comes fast. Invest in a suitable crate or pen that you can put your pet inside and lock until you arrive. The cage should be big enough to allow the pet to move comfortably inside but not too big that they are thrown back and forth. You should, however, make sure that there is a hammock or seat cover, even if the pet is in their cage to protect your car.

4. Take regular breaks

Pets get very restless, especially if you travel for an extended period. You have to stop every few hours and take a bathroom break and some water. Have a leash on the pet, so they don’t run away as you take five minutes outside the car.

5. Provide ventilation

Fewer things make a dog happier than putting their head on the window of a moving vehicle. Ventilation is essential for all pets, and when they feel hot and stuff, they misbehave. Make sure the windows of the car are open and let on the AC once in a while.

When you lease a car, you don’t have to throw away your pets to protect it. You can use these tips to protect the vehicle and still have fun travel times with your furry friends.


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