New partner of the world giant Xero – Osome brand is rapidly developing business


The young Singapore Company, which provides online accounting services, has been operating steadily in the market for more than a year and a half. During this period, top managers were able to take their organisation to an incredible level – Osome have now been announced as an official partner of the giant with the world name Xero.

Why would such a prevalent organisation such as Xero be interested in a relatively new to market company? There is no doubt that the employees at Osome provide quality services in the accounting and tax support market. But in addition, Osome creates the most customer-oriented products with 24-hour online support. Wherever you are, anywhere in the world – if your partner is Osome – you will receive the answers to any questions you may have. These factors consequently attracted the experienced managers of Xero Group to establish a foundation of a partnership with this young, but noticeably promising, team from Singapore.


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