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Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019 Deals for Tech-Lovers

What did people do before Black Friday? Enjoy Thanksgiving lunch with their family? Who can even fathom such a thing?

I kid. But it’s hard to argue the fact that, at least in the United States, Thanksgiving has become synonymous with Black Friday, and a lot of people would rather celebrate Black Friday than Thanksgiving.

It’s not my place to argue against this change, as I love Black Friday, and I love Cyber Monday even more. So much, in fact, that I feel compelled to let you know about some of the top deals going on this Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

(Disclaimer: many Cyber Monday deals are the same as their Black Friday counterpart. However, there are some diamonds in the rough. Many retailers don’t advertise Cyber Monday deals until after Black Friday, so you need to be quick!)

The Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch made waves when it was released back in 2017, and ever since then, Nintendo has been riding off these waves, releasing hit after hit: Mario Odyssey, Xenoblade: Chronicles 2, etc.

Nintendo would love to sell more, though, which is why some Black Friday deals for the Nintendo Switch have already been revealed. While you’ll still need to spend $200 for the Nintendo Switch Lite, you’ll be able to buy them in bundles now, the main one being a bundle with Mario Kart 8 at GameStop.

Better yet, you’ll receive a $25 dollar gift card for GameStop with the purchase of a bundle, which is nice.

A Reputable VPN

The Cyber Monday deals we do know about revolve around VPNs, or Virtual Private Networks. VPN allows you to stay secure while on public networks and at home, making sure people can’t intercept the data travelling to and from your devices.

Sounds like something you’d want, huh? I agree. In fact, I’ve been using a VPN for a few years now. If a VPN sounds like something you need or want, then be sure to check out all the VPN deals this Cyber Monday. A VPN company without a Cyber Monday VPN deal doesn’t exist, so you won’t have to look far!

4K TVs

I would like to be more specific about what 4K TVs you should be keeping an eye out for, but doing so would be unhelpful of me. There are many different types of 4K Tvs, from LCD to OLED, and many different features in these 4K TVs that can make or break them for certain people.

However, many (and I mean, many) 4K TVs are on sale at Best Buy, so if you’re based in the US or Canada, head down there and take your pick! You’ll be like a kid in a candy shop!

Apple Airpods Pro

The Apple Airpods Pro were just released, which makes it strange that Apple’s already resorted to discounting them this Black Friday. But we’ll take it, right?

You can find the Airpods Pro on sale for $15 off their asking price of $249. I know, it doesn’t sound like much, but $15 can get you a month of Spotify Premium, which I assume you’ll be using often with your Airpods Pro. Any money saved is a good deal, and now is the best time to buy the Airpods Pro.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch

Smartwatches may still be a “niche” product, but there’s no denying that the Samsung Galaxy watch is a fantastic product. With a long-lasting battery, sharp display, and an endless catalog of themes and watch faces, the Galaxy watch is one of the best smart-watches you can buy, and now it’s one sale.

Yes, for only $269 (originally $349), you can buy a Galaxy Watch this Black Friday off Samsung’s official website. For $80 off, buying the Galaxy Watch feels less like a fair transaction and more like a highway robbery off the interstate. Either way, you got a brand new watch for a lot less than you’d usually get it for!

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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