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Easy Funeral Planning

It is never easy to lose a loved one, more so if you lose that someone unexpectedly. Losing someone you love means going through the different stages of grief, feeling pain, being sad and in sorrow, or even be in denial and carry a lot of stresses in your life. What if you were assigned to plan out the funeral to commemorate the life of your deceased loved one? Imagine adding that kind of stress to your already emotional and grieving state, how hard would that be, right? Not to mention, even considering all of the financial stresses it brings. The average costs of funerals these days are already up to £3,757, with burials averaging at £4,267 and cremations averaging at £3,247. If you do not know how to plan a funeral, it might even cost you more. Being prepared would not only be helpful to you in terms of the emotional burdens losing a loved one may bring. But, it would also be the most economical and practical decision you would make not only for yourself but also for your family and as well as your deceased loved one.

Funeral Services

At S. Stibbards & Sons, you would be able to plan out a funeral starting at £975 for a direct cremation. If you want to have a simple commemoration and memorial of the life of your deceased loved one, you could also opt for the Essentials Package which would only cost you £1,575, far cheaper than how much the average funeral already costs today. A tailored and bespoke funeral would start at £2,695 and just increase in value as you go along and choose your preferences, wants, and needs as a family. Choosing S. Stibbards & Sons with regards to all of your funeral planning needs would alleviate the unnecessary stress you have to go through with all of the decisions and the planning. Their services would allow for you to grieve for your loved one in your own time, in your own way, and at your own pace.

Preparing Ahead

The best thing that you could do to prepare for such scenarios is actually to invest in a prepaid funeral plan. It may be one of the last things on your mind, but it is actually a pretty good investment to make early on because of the continuous rise in the cost of funerals in the United Kingdom. At S. Stibbards & Sons, you could have the Value Plan, which includes basic funeral services for only £2,899. If you want added services, you could also opt for the Crystal Plan which would cost you £3,349, the Pearl Plan which would cost £4,144, or the Ruby Plan which would be a bespoke funeral and memorial service and would only cost £4,599. The beauty of prepaid funeral plans is that you would be able to use it at any moment, and there would be no additional costs whatsoever. If, for example, a member of your family passes away unexpectedly, and you do not have enough finances to fund and plan the funeral, you could easily transfer your prepaid funeral plan.

Keeping Your Loved One Close

Commemorating the life of your deceased loved one does not end just right after the funeral. The hurt and loss will never go away even the years to come, so having something always close to you would make it a whole lot easier for you because you have something to remember your loved one by. S. Stibbards & Sons would be able to do precisely that for you as they can turn the ashes of your deceased loved one into pieces of jewellery. You have the option to have it in keepsake jewellery with pieces and designs you can wear daily. The keepsake jewellery pieces come in five different designs such as a conch, cross, dragonfly, heart, or teardrop, and each comes with a silver chain. There are also more elegant pieces which place the ashes in glass pieces and incorporate it into jewellery like rings, round pendants, and even cufflinks. You can have a piece for each family member as there are also keyrings, pendants, and rings to choose from. You could even have a beautiful glass piece you can keep on your desk as a paperweight with colourful glasses frosted with your loved one’s ashes.

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