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How to Take Care of Your Classic Car

Owning a classic car means that you are faced with a very special set of responsibilities that someone with a newer model may not be privy to. Since the age and overall condition of an older car means that it may need a little bit of extra love and care, you will definitely find yourself having to look after it more than your other cars. However, as every classic car owner like yourself knows, part of the joy of owning this special type of car is the act of taking care of it.

If you are someone who is new to the whole classic car scene, then take a deep breath. We know it can get overwhelming reading through all the things you have to do. All of the upkeep and maintenance that your car requires may be one of the biggest challenges you will face, but trust us: it is exactly the reason why so many people fall in love with owning a classic car.

Here are the following tips we have as to how you can safely use your classic car on the road:


  • Don’t forget to wax it. Before you get the engine running, make sure that your car is cleaned, polished, and waxed. We put emphasis on the fact that you should get it waxed because your car’s paint work is something you should pay special attention to. For classic cars like the one you own, our expert tip is for you to reapply wax every 2 months, or more frequently if it’s the car you use on a day-to-day basis. Applying wax will ensure that your car’s paint stays pristine and safe from nasty weather, grime, dirt, or whatever else the road will throw at it.
  • Have it fully checked by an auto repair shop. Before you take your classic car beyond short drives, make sure that you’ve dropped by an auto shop that specialises in classic car repair services in Sussex. This is one of the most important things you should remember because this is how you can have a good time, knowing that you are less likely to encounter any hiccups with your car. All you have to focus on at this point is being one with the road as you drive your classic car!

Consistent cleaning is key. The rule of thumb here is that, apart from the bimonthly cleaning your car receives, you should also look after it before and after every trip. This means that before you take it out for a spin, you give it a thorough clean up and check up. On top of that, you should also make sure that you have hosed down the undercarriage of the car before you keep it in the garage. You do not know when you will take it out again and in that period of waiting, salt and road dirt can cause corrosion on the unkempt metal surfaces of your car.

  • Do not forget the battery! Now that you have looked after the exterior of your car, it is also a matter of importance that you pop the hood open and check on the machinations. This is because old car batteries, such as those found in classic models, are prone to losing power. This is particularly true during colder weather, or when they’ve just been lying dormant and unused for a long time. You should charge the battery manually using a 12V battery charger every now and then so that you won’t avoid any delays to your trip all because your car wouldn’t start!
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