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How to Save Money When Visiting London

Thinking of travelling to London and want to see as much of the city’s sights and sounds as possible? You may have received a job posting that requires you to regularly commute to the city. Either way, everyone wants to know how to make their money go further. The modes of transport you choose determine whether your trip to London will remain within budget—therefore it’s essential to pick the right one for your needs.

There are various modes of transport to get around the city; each has its pros and cons when it comes to costs, travel duration and comfort—to mention but a few.  These are some of the best pro-tips on how to get around London in 2020.

  1. Cycle Around the City Carbon-Free

Do you love to cycle? If yes, then this great city has a splendid bicycle rental program named Boris Bikes after the city’s previous mayor, and current Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. These bikes dot every corner of London, with the program’s docking stations conveniently placed all over the city. To hire a bike for yourself, all one needs is to identify their nearest docking station, pay for the bike via credit or debit card, and return it to the nearest docking station once you arrive at your destination. Accordingly, you can easily travel from point A to B within the city, conveniently, and affordably, while also keeping fit, and contributing more to a greener earth, by hiring a Boris Bike. Safety should always be your foremost priority, though, so always stick to the designated bike lanes and familiarize yourself with the rules that come with road usage.

  1. Book Coach or Train Tickets in Advance

Early birds will always stand to benefit and it is no different with London’s public transport system. To this end, booking your ticket for the train or coach in advance ensures you can secure the services cheaply when you travel to the city eventually. It is often possible to book the service up to three months prior to the travel date, but bargains are available for travellers that book the services even days or weeks before their travel date.

To get the best deals, however, one needs to have access to extensive information on the city’s public transport networks, including pricing, routes, travel times, and scheduled stops. With Omio, commuters can access all this information and more, in real time. The service allows subscribers to view transport information for air, road and rail services operating within the city. Once you identify a suitable option that suits your transportation needs at your specified date, you can proceed to book your ticket from the Omio platform with just a few clicks which is one of the best international travel apps.

  • Ride a London Double-Decker Bus

You’ll know of it even before you get to London for the first time. The double decker bus is one of the most iconic pieces of London, and it’s also one of the cheaper modes of transport within the city with a single bus trip costing some £1.50, while an all-day pass charges £4.50. The buses run a service regularly from Zone 1 to 6, to allow you travel across the city with ease. However, you need to be sure to get on the right bus, and follow the correct time schedule. By using Omio, you will receive access to all this information before hand, to enable you commute smoothly all over London without ever missing a bus due to wrongful schedule information. You can also pay for the bus ticket well in advance with Omio, or pay directly using your travel day card, London’s Oyster card, or a regular debit card. Please note though that buses in London do not accept cash these days.

  1. Walk

You heard right, if you’ve got nothing but time, walking to your destination is actually an option you need to consider. Not long ago, Walking was the most common mode of transport for the masses. What’s more, there are designated pedestrian paths all through London’s central business district meant to facilitate the walking masses so why not?

By getting your walking shoes on, you’ll get to take in the tourist attractions doted all over London without any rush, meet the people, get lost in all the amazing experiences that the city has to offer, and actually get to use a map for the right reason; find you way back after getting lost. Just be sure you are not in a hurry to reach your destination, and that the distances involved are achievable.

  1. Use a Travel Card

If you plan to travel extensively through London, getting a travel card is advised for its much more economical compared to paying for your travels on a per-trip basis via debit card. There are two main card options to choose from while in London, namely: The Day Travelcard, and The London Oyster Card. These cards are both readily available at corner shops and underground stations all through the city. Their use also extends to all public transport means except air travel. By using either card, a commuter will automatically benefit from benefits such as free rides, discounted rates, lower fares and daily and weekly fare caps. These cards can also form part of your souvenirs for short term visitors, helping commemorate their time in the city.

With all 5 tips above, you are bound to save a lot more with your commute around London. So, go through the suggestions again, and start implementing the same as best as you can, and you’ll find yourself saving significant amounts on your travel costs. As well, remember to consider the official peak and off-peak times as prices are known to fluctuate according to passenger demand. Be advised to stick to the off-peak schedules especially when travelling outside Zone 1 of the city. The official peak times to avoid are mornings between 06:30hrs – 09:30hrs and evenings between 16:30hrs – 21:30hrs, Mondays through to Friday. As a tourist travelling outside these times will also help you avoid the masses moving to and from work, and in essence, allow you better experiences travelling from one corner of the city to the next.


Elliot is the Editor at ABCMoney. He manages a team that writes and contributes to many leading publications across a number of industries.

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