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    What is the cheapest time to book a flight?

    Booking a flight is often one of the most expensive elements of your travel, especially when you fly inter-continental. To limit costs, it can be attractive to take into account price fluctuations and look for the best day and time to book. Unfortunately, you do not have a crystal ball and intuition will not get you that far… How will you determine what the cheapest time is to book a flight? Luckily, Opodo conducted research on it websites over a period of a year to see when you can purchase your ticket cost-effectively.

    Best day to book a flight

    It is hard to tell the best day to book a flight without specifying the departure and airport destination. Generally speaking, the research found out that Sunday is the best day to book your ticket. This goes against popular belief that tickets are more expensive during the weekends as people have their time off to do research.

    Three flavours of cheap airplane tickets

    If we want to dig deeper and look into the best month, it is best to split up the destinations in three. Heading off with domestic flights, the cheapest time to book a flight is in September. This has an average difference of 30 GBP with July, which is the most expensive month. Do you want to fly to Europe? Make sure you book your tickets during the cold months of January and February. During these months you have the highest chance of scoring a bargain ticket to the Mediterranean sun.

    Prices tend to increase the further you go. When you book effectively, you could end up in the US for the same price as a ticket to Europe. For example, an airplane ticket to the United States can be as less as 500GBP when you book the ticket in September.

    Want to travel to the Far East to enjoy some delicious sushi and other foods? Flights to Asia are best booked in January and September, depending on the day you’ll fly. Doing some analysis can save you quite some money. Make sure you book your ticket on a Sunday for the optimum price.

    What if I just don’t know

    It could well be that you do not know the desired location of your holiday yet. What if you are open to everything, what is the cheapest day of the week to book flights? Opodo offers insight in the days you should book in advance to book with an attractive air fare. Planning for Asia? Make sure you book 26 to 30 days before you go. This is similar to the 31 to 36 days for flights to America. If you want to stay closer to home, you should also book further advance. Domestic and intra-European flights are best booked between 61 and 70 days before you go.

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