Can Awnings Add Value to Your Real Estate: What Should You be Looking For?


Awnings are gorgeous, and that’s just one of the many reasons why they add value to any real estate property, especially when we are discussing residential real estate. Whether you are planning to sell a house or redecorate your current home, awnings have more to offer in both situations than most of us realise. Therefore, along with the main benefits of investing in the shades, we are also going to take a brief look at some of the factors which can be key in making the right choice in awning installations.

Useable Outdoor Space Expansion

Depending on the choice of awning, we can do either one or all of the following to expand a property’s outdoor space usability:

  • We can add glass verandas and patio roofs to make an external section of the house much more useable
  • Freestanding awnings in the garden can expand the external living space
  • A terrace awning, on the other hand, can essentially add a temporary, retractable floor to your home!

Freestanding awnings are perfect for garden parties and barbecues, while a patio roof to sit under and enjoy the weather outside adds to a residential property’s external appeal. If by any chance you are lucky enough to have a beautiful view of nature from the windows, sitting under the terrace awning on a rainy day will just offer a better, wider view altogether. As should be easy to imagine why, this adds to the real estate’s overall perceived value as well.

Can Awnings Bring Down Electricity Bills Here?

Although awnings most certainly can help to keep a house cool, the energy savings can only be significant enough to be considered for houses located in sunnier parts of the world. So, it may or may not be able bring down summer energy consumption, depending on where you live exactly in the UK. Sun canopies can, however, help the homeowner shave off a good few pounds from the cooling bills even in the United Kingdom, provided that the property is located in one of the very few areas known to experience proper summers; namely Kent, Brighton, Flintshire and Greycrook mostly.

Due to this limited nature of sunlight availability in the UK, retractable awnings are the popular choice. The option to retract them and receive a few rare hours of sunlight during the colder months is a necessity.

Aesthetic Appeal: Make a Strong First Impression with Beautiful Awnings

Well planned, bespoke awnings and verandas can practically increase the financial value of the property, simply because of how aesthetically pleasing they can be. To see how much of an impact that well-planned awnings can have in raising the aesthetic value of a property, pay a visit to and see some of the work that they have done over the course of three decades.

From bright and radiant glass verandas in a traditional or contemporary style to sun canopies, rain awnings and terrace and patio awnings in bespoke designs, they can give any installation a personalised touch that is in line with the client’s expectations and the surrounding décor.

Protection from the Elements

Homeowners may like the sun, but rest assured this is not the case with the house itself! Rain, snow and sunlight can and will make any house lose its external appeal over time, and it’s practically an inevitability. However, depending on how often you have to repaint, the costs can go up unnecessarily high without awnings. With intelligent awning placements, however, the paint jobs should be far and few between.

Considerations: How to Know What’s Right for Your Home?

It can be challenging to know exactly what’s right for which property without proper guidance, so go through the following pointers to make an informed, intelligent investment:

Bespoke Solutions – In spite of how beautiful some of the installations can look on paper or on a website, there is no guarantee that they will look just as beautiful on every property. This is precisely why bespoke awnings are so important. Everything from the materials to the designs and colours are to be decided in accordance with the property in question. Considerations should include but don’t need to be limited to the following aspects:

  • External décor of the house
  • The immediate decor that surrounds the area/areas where the installations are about to go up
  • Climatic factors – how bad is the rain/snow in your area?
  • The functionality aspect, or the main objective behind the purchase
  • Available space

Experienced Workers – The company you choose for the job must have sufficient experience to not just do what they are told, but to also help figure out what you need. They should be able to advise you against any possible mistakes that you might be making because it’s not an area that the average homeowner is familiar with.

High-Quality Motors – Given how important it is to be able to retract the awnings as necessary, do make sure that the products are made with high-quality motors. Servicing may still be required every once in a while, but if it stops functioning far too often, that could become a real nuisance.

Know Your Options Well

When it comes to home renovations and improvements, we are talking about significant investments here. Granted, awnings aren’t necessarily the most expensive renovation project that you can undertake, but it still wouldn’t make financial or common sense if you made choices without even knowing what your options are exactly! To prevent that mistake, let’s take a brief look through the options next.

Options for Material

Awnings can be made from surprisingly different varieties of materials as it turns out, and some of the more popular options are:

  • Natural awnings are made out of canvas, wood and fibre: Expected maintenance is around 5 – 7 years
  • Polyester laminated/coated with vinyl: Long-lasting and offers UV protection, but limited colour/design options
  • Polyester coated in acrylic: Not as heavy as vinyl-coated polyester, but just as sturdy and UV protective
  • Pure acrylic fibre: More expensive and heavier than the above, but sturdier as well
  • Steel: Easy to paint and design, but may rust easily
  • Aluminium: A cheaper metal that dents very easily and requires regular maintenance
  • Fibreglass: Looks great, allows light through and doesn’t require too much maintenance except occasional cleaning. However, it doesn’t last as long as metal either, since it can crack or shatter over time.

Options in Retraction

The property, the placement, and the materials used will determine the retraction options, which are:

  • Full Cassette: For large awning installations in large spaces such as the terrace or the patio
  • Semi-Cassette: Ideal for areas with small wall space
  • Folding: Meant for metals mostly, like steel and aluminium

Whether you are looking to read books outside your own home in the afternoon, or want to get the maximum possible price for a house that you are about to sell, awnings really do add functional, aesthetic and financial value to any residential property. Just make sure that an experienced team is on the job though, because unless they know what they are doing, that bright green rain awning can end up looking pretty out of place against a Victorian townhouse!


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