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Here’s why Biometric Technology is Great for Business

At the very start of last year, Causeway announced that they had acquired Donseed. This was a move that actually enhanced the range of products that the company can provide to the clients that they serve. According to Phil Brown, who is the chairman at the company, Causeway, the move really was a strategic acquisition, but it was also one that reflected the growing recognition amongst subcontractors.

The Front End

The world of technology really has changed for the better. Tej Kohli has made so many technological investments during his time and he has also given so many start-ups the chance to operate at the maximum level of efficiency. Causeway are known for providing solutions and they have also secured a large amount of funding for contractors as well. Rather than trying to develop and generate back-office products, the company specialise in helping contractors with managing their supply chain and also delivering projects as well. As mentioned above, they tend to not do back-office stuff but they do work at the front-end to try and help them understand if they are losing money on projects or whether they are dealing with budget constraints. They also have software which helps them to integrate processes in the chain as well, whether this is down to supply chain accreditation or even through electronic invoices.

One Key Area

One key area that Causeway chose to focus on actually related to investments for productivity and digital timesheets. They wanted to know how much workers were clocking in and how much they were clocking out. Traditionally this is done with paper records in the same way that office workers document their time off. Causeway did notice that the market is changing and that the demand for workforce attendance was increasing. There was a need to try and provide critical intelligence in various areas. On top of this, the company observed that such products were not just being deployed by contractors, but they were also being used by subcontractors as well. They felt as though the industry employed so many people and that the issues lied with the employment of them. Having a solution to try and capture the data and then combine it with other data would be a great thing to do and that is what Causeway are trying to do.

Critical Data

Biometric technologies that are being deployed at the time have been developed time and time again by companies who provide a hard infrastructure. This was somewhat of a challenge because Causeway did want to try and invest in something that could be used on construction sites just about anywhere in the country. They saw Donseed as being a solution to the overall problem and so far it has worked out really well for them. Of course, they are doing everything they can to try and give people the support they need and with the help of technology, they have been able to really surpass expectations.

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