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Common materials used for bathroom wall panels

If you are looking for all the latest trendy wall finish options for your bathroom, then the bathroom wall panels are just perfect for you. There are options available in the market such as cladding with tiles, painting and wallpapering but all of these has been replaced by the bathroom wall panels. There are many reasons why the bathroom wall panels are now preferred by so many people and one of them is durability. The wall panels are also very much hygienic as well as cost-effective in nature. The best thing about wall panels is that they can at times be much cheaper than wallpapers. People prefer wall panels also because it helps in hiding all the wires and cables which are generally exposed in the bathroom walls.

Today we
will be discussing all the right materials which you can use so that you can
get the best out of the wall panels. We will also be talking about all the
different pros and cons of all the materials which are used in wall panels.
Some of the wall panels which we will be talking about are:

  • Wood panels
  • Vinyl covered with gypsum board
  • PVC panels
  • Fabric panels
  • Medium density filter board
  • Chipboard panels
  • Wood panels

Panels are the ones which are made out of different chips of wood which are all
glued with the help of an adhesive and heated till they form a stiff board.
There are three types of chipboard panels which are available in the market
which are normal density, medium density, and high density. The normal panel is
available at cheap prices but they are fragile in nature. The high-density
version is thick and strong in nature.

All the
panels which are made out of wood are also popular in nature. They are a bit
expensive, but they work wonderfully giving the bathroom thermal insulation.
These panels are easy to replace and repair. The only disadvantage of using them
in the bathroom is that they are not waterproof and they will start to rot in
the course of time. This panel comes with a lot of maintenance work.

density fiberboard is the one which is made out of wood and small wooden
fibers. They can resin a lot of pressure as well as heat. The disadvantage of
using them is that they cannot be installed easily. You will require a lot of
nails so that you can install them.

There are a lot of panels available in the market now but the only panel that is recommended to the people is the PVC panel. The longevity of the panels is long. This panel does not attract any kind of dust which makes it a perfect option for bathroom walls. This is available everywhere and is very cost efficient. Make sure to go for the PVC panel if you are not willing to invest a lot of money on bathroom wall panels, however if you have more budget maybe consider our latest bathroom flooring as well?

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Sam Allcock
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