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How To Find A Packaging Supplier That Suits Your Needs

With more than £11
in annual sales, the UK’s packing market is booming, meaning you’ve
got a vast array of suppliers to choose from when you’re searching for someone
to create the packing that will make your product stand out.

The market looks set to go from strength to strength in the
future, with consumers increasingly demanding convenient, innovative, but at
the same sustainable packaging solutions.

If you’re looking for a new packaging supplier, be it for your start-up company, a new product or just because your existing supplier isn’t giving you what you need, then check out our top tips.

Think About What You Need

Before you even begin scouring the market for a new
supplier, you should consider what you need from them. If you’ve already got an
idea of the design of your packaging in mind, then you’ll only need to find a
manufacturer, but if you need design support then you’ll probably require a
full-service packaging firm. Take the time to consider what you need your
packaging supplier to do for you, so that you can find a company that will
provide the support and services you require.

Ask For Recommendations

When you first start searching for a new packaging supplier,
you should ask your industry peers for recommendations. Professional social
media sites such as LinkedIn, tradeshows and even networking events can help
you to find fellow producers in your market and learn about the packing
suppliers they like working with, and the ones that they avoid. Use the benefit
of their experience to guide you towards the packaging supply firms that are
worth your time and attention.

Don’t Overlook Labels

As well as the outer packaging of your product, you also
need to make sure that you get quality labels printed that contain all the
details your clients need to know.  Experienced
label printer label.co.uk, who’ve worked
with a wide range of brands and businesses, can help you to create a custom
label solution that meets your needs. They offer a wide range of styles and can
give you samples, so you can find the perfect label for your product.

Ask For Samples

As with your labels, you should also ask for samples of the
packaging you’re going to be purchasing, so that you can find a quality
solution that meets your needs. It’s important that you test its durability,
appearance and overall quality, so that you can find a product that enhance
your firm’s brand identity and meet the expectations of your customers.

Check Out Their Service Offering

Many packaging suppliers offer multiple services, such as
distribution and marketing, so check out their full service offering to see if
you can work with one supplier for multiple services. If you find the right
supplier, then this can be a cost-effective way to manage your business. You
should also check out the options that they provide in the packaging area, as
trends in this industry are constantly evolving. If you need to change your
packaging for any reason, it’s better that you’re able to do it with the same
supplier, so try to find a provider that offers multiple different types of

Never Choose Based Exclusively On Price

Price is always an important factor, as the cost of your
packaging will affect your product’s mark-up and your business revenue.
However, this should never be the only factor that you consider. You also need
to think about logistics, quality and customer service. If the company you’re
working with doesn’t provide the service you need, then it could be very hard
to work with them. Be wary of any early signs that their customer service might
not be as good as you need it to be, such as ignoring queries, taking a long
time to respond or being curt in their responses. Any of these issues should be
a red flag and lead you to consider looking elsewhere for a packaging

Read Reviews

Once you’ve found a supplier you like, you should read
reviews to check that they will definitely provide you with the quality service
and products that you need. Check out a variety of review
to see what real customers have to say about the packaging supplier
you’re looking to work with. Be objective, as it’s important to remember that
some reviewers might be biased for or against the company. The important to
look out for is consistency; if you notice several different reviewers making
the same comments, then this could be a sign that this is true.

Finding a new packaging supplier can be a challenge, but by
using these tips and taking the time to review the options you have available,
you can find a supplier that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Claire James
Claire Jameshttp://www.firedigitaluk.com
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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