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    Choose a perfect platform for the great Trade

    Traditional financial markets are sinking, oil and even gold are not looking up. As if that weren’t enough, cryptocurrencies have also been added. In particular, BTC is following this path, at least for now. Here you come to know How to take advantage of the volatility of Bitcoin to make money with Crypto profit app.

    There are different financial instruments to make money with the volatility of the financial markets, especially that of cryptocurrencies.

    Crypto app is an exchange initiative so that traders can take advantage of market fluctuations to make big differences, using a small margin of money. Crypto profit app currently offers leverage of up to 125 of your invested capital. That means that with just small amount, you can control an investment.

    If you don’t already have a Crypto profit appaccount, you can do it from here. When registering, don’t forget to enter the codeto get a discount for 30 days on your transactions.

    Bitcoin volatility which can be used for short-term profits through futures contracts. This investment is only recommended for experienced traders who are willing to take risks. Stressing that a small unfavorable market movement can leave our margin account at 0.Now a positive move can leave our count with many zeros, but in our favor.

    How to invest step by step in BTC / USDT

    1- Upon entering the Crypto profit appaccount, we will see a screen similar to this:

    2- In this step, we will transfer money from Crypto profit appaccount in order to buy a future BTC / USDT contract. If you do not have funds in your account, you can make a deposit by credit card, with instant accreditation in most countries.

    A window will open to enter the amount to be transferred; in this case I will use 30 USDT. Then we click on “Confirm Transfer” and the money is automatically transferred to the Crypto profit appaccount.

    It can now enter the order, either at the market price, or program it to trigger at a certain level. In this case, and as an example, we will do so at the price that is currently being negotiated.

    This free trading system works on a very simple principle: it monitors 22 trading platforms at the same time and automatically and cheaply buys cryptocurrencies from platform A and immediately sells them on platform B at a higher price.

    Here are a few points that should dictate your choice of platform:

    The term cryptocurrency is often associated by the general public with bitcoin, but if the latter is the first cryptocurrency, it is however not the only one that exists to date. Trading platforms that offer to invest in cryptocurrencies have more or less the same functionality. However, each of them has the specifics that you should take into account before investing in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

    Security and legislation

    A reliable cryptocurrency trading platform Crypto profit appmust always comply with regulations aimed at combating the funding of illegal activities. Your marketplace should then require you to fill in your personal information before you can trade in investing. She will ask you to provide a photo of your ID. In addition, there are other possible checks. As for the verification period, it can be long, but also very fast depending on the market place chosen.

    Commercial volume

    Quite naturally, the volume of exchange makes it possible to measure the degree of confidence that traders have in a particular market place. This trading volume can also be closely linked to the number of cryptocurrencies on offer. A platform with a high volume of exchanges is thus better able to offer you a wide choice of assets, but also places you in a more serene and fairer environment for exchanges.

    Investment costs

    Keep in mind to find out about exchange fees. These costs are generally declining depending on the volume invested, ranging from 0.30% to 0.10%. Also remember to inquire about deposit or withdrawal fees in foreign currency: euro, dollar, Swiss franc or other. Also, don’t forget to check the cost of purchasing by credit card. It varies enormously from one platform to another and can reach 10%.

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