Friday, May 27, 2022

    How to create a reliable commercial fleet

    For any commercial vehicle operation, reliability is essential. You need to have confidence that your fleet is capable of carrying out deliveries and travelling across the country – sometimes even the continent. If you are looking at making your fleet more reliable and feel happy and confident about sending it on the road, we have some tips on how you can achieve this.

    Fleet management systems

    Technology has developed massively over the years and now there are some very clever and advanced systems available which give you vital information about your fleet. These systems can not only make the job of a fleet manager more streamlined but can improve the safety and productivity of your fleet too.

    What you can look forward to by investing in a fleet management system:

    • Optimised routes

    With full route optimisation, if a new job appears, you can see which driver is closest and reroute them to the new destination. With this kind of flexibility, you can improve customer satisfaction immensely thanks to the quick response the system allows for, as well as being more cost-effective by using a vehicle and driver already out on the road.

    • Real-time tracking

    You can rest assured that your vehicles and drivers are safe thanks to the live, real-time tracking available on fleet management systems. This will not only allow you to see when a driver has reached/left their destination, but you will also be able to divert them if they encounter traffic – increasing productivity.

    • Save money

    Investing in a fleet system can help save the business money in a range of areas. In fact, according to fleet management system provider ABAX, you can save up to 18.5% of your typical costs with one in place. Having the ability to plan drivers’ routes and provide a reroute solution, the business can save on fuel costs thanks to smarter planning. Not only that, but the system also allows managers to monitor a driver’s behaviour, meaning you can see where harsh braking or accelerating and speeding is occurring. By monitoring behaviours, you can see which drivers may need additional training, which in the long run, will reduce vehicle damage and fuel waste – saving even more money for the business.

    Invest in training

    For a reliable fleet, you will also require some assistance from drivers to help run a dependable operation. At the beginning of every shift, the driver of the vehicle should perform a walk-round check. These are essential and will determine if a vehicle is safe, legal and ready to get on the road. The government notes 24 points that need to be checked on a vehicle before it can be driven. These include the likes of mirrors, seatbelts, fuel leaks and tyres as well as many more. A walk-round check not only ensures your vehicles meet the legal requirements, but can also help to prevent injury and death – tyres can, and will, come off if they are not regularly checked and secured. Invest in appropriate training for staff to ensure they know what they need to do to safeguard your operation and stay reliable, dependable and compliant.

    With a combination of technology and human assistance, you can feel confident that your fleet can be operated to a high standard.

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