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Lykke Corp Is Launching The Open Initiative To Combat The Fallout From The Current Pandemic

“The Open Initiative is a platform for proposals aiming to
enhance the current financial system with new tools and services which unlock
resources at the service of the people and their governments. Lykke is inviting
people and organizations from around the world to contribute with their ideas
and resources”

The proposed initiatives include:-

  • Supply Chain Platform

Leveraging the
efficiency of financial market mechanisms to solve supply chain bottlenecks.

  • Digital vouchers platform

Government initiatives for SMEs, Labour Force and more.

  • Real-time information system 

verifying and forecasting of information necessary for decision making on a
personal, business and government level.

  • Research initiatives

New approaches
and ideas that contribute to the management of the current crisis and to the
development of responsive solutions.

The Open Initiative will fund community
solutions for key proposals to address crisis impact. Lykke is
also seeking funding from individuals and organisations, including governments
to come forward with business proposals for the whole project and/or specific
components. The problem-solving approach of the initiative has already awakened
interest among enterprise, researchers, and professionals of the industry.

Thereby Lykke is delighted to announce that
the 13th Chairman of the U.S Commodity Futures Trading Commission
(CFTC),  J. Christopher Giancarlo, joins
this effort as Strategic Advisor to the Open Initiative. Formerly, he acted as the vice
president of GFI Group Inc. where he was responsible for the strategic
transactions and relationships of GFI. Giancarlo was also one of the members of
the United States Chamber of Commerce’s Board of the Center for Capital Markets

Christopher Giancarlo is also known as
“Crypto Dad” mainly because of his efforts in promoting a blockchain-based US
dollar which, unlike Bitcoin, will be centralized and regulated by the Federal
Reserve. Due to the expertise of Christopher Giancarlo in blockchain
technology, his endorsement of the Open Initiative is expected to yield
tangible benefits.

are delighted that Christopher Giancarlo is joining the Open Initiative, we are
excited that he is supporting us at this crucial time in our business. There is
a global revolution going on that combines blockchain technology, finance, and
positive social change. I am confident that Chris Giancarlo has the vision and
capability to play a significant role in shaping this revolution.”
– Richard Olsen (CEO of Lykke).

Christopher Giancarlo will also be one of
the members of the Prize Committee that will evaluate the Open Initiative
submissions. All submissions will compete for funding in the form of a prize,
one per each of the four fields of action. The Committee includes the following

For further information about the prizes
and on how to participate in The Open Initiative, please contact:


Lykke is a
Swiss-based blockchain company and financial product provider. Lykke is
addressing critical failure points of the economy by leveraging blockchain

finance by eliminating market barriers, Lykke provides and promotes equal easy
access to the digitization and trade of virtually any asset of value from
anywhere in the world.

pioneer in the blockchain space, Lykke has several years of international
operational experience with a sophisticated financial engineering team, scalable
blockchain infrastructure and in-depth know-how in the tokenization of assets
of all types.


Company Name: Lykke Corp

Contact Person: Marina de Mattos


Contact No: 0041762274163

Address: Lykke Corp, Alpenstrasse 9, 6300 Zug, Switzerland


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