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Rewire Security introduces a new range of tracking devices – Insurance Trackers

As one of the leading GPS tracking solutions providers in the UK, Rewire Security continues to expand their wide-range of tracking devices with a new addition – Thatcham-approved Insurance Trackers. The Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre – also known as Thatcham Research Centre is responsible for testing devices related to vehicle security and maintaining their standards in the UK. There are 7 different categories assigned to protective devices for all types of vehicles that correspond to various levels of protection. Rewire Security introduces Category S7, S5 and S5+ Insurance Trackers that offer the highest level of security on the market for your vehicles with features determined and approved by the Thatcham Research Centre.

Thatcham-approved Insurance Trackers are widely known in the
UK for their high-quality and top-end security measures against theft. Insurance Trackers give the vehicle
owners much needed peace of mind with their advanced and powerful features. As
the name suggests, one of the biggest advantages of Rewire Security Insurance
Tracking Systems is the insurance benefits; you will be able to lower your
insurance premiums by up to 20%. Vehicle owners can make use of all GPS-based
applications while having Thatcham security protocols guarding their vehicles
against theft. Now, let’s take a look at some of the features Rewire Security
Insurance Trackers offer for your convenience and answer some questions
regarding these top-end vehicle tracking systems.

What makes Insurance
Trackers so effective?

Ordinary GPS-based vehicle tracking devices may be sufficient for your everyday needs but if you happen to live in a high-theft area and own a vehicle with keyless technology, you might want to upgrade your vehicle tracking system to a Rewire Security Insurance Tracker. Although, these advanced tracking systems are suitable for all types of vehicles and they are considered the most effective security system for vehicles in the UK. Not only will your vehicles be monitored 24/7 by our teams, but these advanced tracking solutions are also armed with sensitive sensors, a built-in driver identification system and various immobilisation options that can be used to protect your car as well as recover stolen vehicles.

What are the
advantages of Insurance Trackers over ordinary tracking devices?

Thatcham-approved vehicle tracking systems boast a number of
significant upgrades compared to run-of-the-mill GPS tracking devices. While
all GPS tracking devices are effective in keeping track of vehicles and stay
updated about their condition; more advanced features such as 24-hour
monitoring, ID tags, immobilisation and immediate police response make Rewire
Security Insurance Trackers by far the best vehicle security system when it
comes to theft protection.

24/7 Monitoring: All
vehicles that are fitted with a Rewire Security Insurance Tracker is monitored
around the clock by the experienced on-call teams at our alarm centre. Each event
alert and notification is carefully tracked by our staff and in the event of an
emergency, they will collaborate with the local police forces to ensure the
security of your vehicles.

Driver Recognition Tags: With the increasing vehicle theft crime that hit the UK in the last years, driver recognition tags can be an effective solution in deflecting any theft attempts made against your vehicles. If a vehicle with a Rewire Security Insurance Tracker onboard is moved without the proper driver identification tags, the tracking device will send out an alert to the vehicle owners and the on-call teams at the alarm centre.

Keyless Theft Protection: As one of the main reasons for the drastic increase in vehicle theft numbers in the UK, keyless theft is a nightmare for all new vehicle owners with keyless entry systems. However, Rewire Security S5+ Insurance Trackers are equipped with anti-key cloning technology that will protect your vehicle against tech-savvy thieves that are likely to target your vehicle.

Immobilisation: The vehicles that are fitted with Rewire Security S5+ Insurance Trackers can’t be started without the driver recognition tags assigned specifically to the car owner. Auto immobilisation is one of the most effective anti-theft measures on the market for vehicles and should a thief attempt to start your engine without the ID tags, the system will send multiple alerts to our alarm centre about the intrusion.

With over 95% recovery rate for stolen vehicles, there is no other security system in the UK that can provide better security for your cars, vans, lorries and other commercial vehicles. Thatcham-approved vehicle tracking systems can ensure the safety of valuable mobile equipment as well such as construction machinery or utility vehicles. These versatile gadgets can be utilised in all business industries as well as in individual vehicles to prevent theft and tampering acting as an impenetrable protection system against the prolific criminals roaming the streets of the UK. If you or your business requires a vehicle security system with advanced GPS tracking capabilities and anti-theft measures, Rewire Security Insurance Trackers are your best option in the UK market with their prices and powerful safeguards against theft.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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