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Why eco-pods make great classrooms

Tired of seeing the same old outdated portable cabins? Need a functional learning space outside of school?

Pod Developments are passionate about making their eco-friendly new learning spaces places to inspire children of all ages.

Philip Doleman, who creates bespoke eco-pods – small, sustainable abodes –  said he refused to design ones that were in any way institutional and instead, would take inspiration from nature.

Here’s his reasoning why eco-pods make great classrooms.

Focal points

Unlike portable cabins that look a little like sheds, eco-pods are streets ahead of anything else on the market, both aesthetically and in terms of quality of build. 

They last a long time so are an excellent investment when budgets are limited and they add a real focal point to any school.

Breath of fresh air

Eco-pods offer schools a building that is a breath of fresh air. We want them to inspire people but also show a strong environmental ethos and forward-thinking approach out into the neighbouring area. They are also a great opportunity to allow children to connect with nature.

Reduced costs

It goes without saying of course that eco classrooms are environmentally friendly and are doing their bit to keep the environment in check. 

Energy efficient and sustainable buildings like these reduce overall energy bills, with some even using renewable energy such as solar panels. 

So, as well as being places to learn in, they also provide a talking point in science and maths lessons!

Eco schools accreditation

These eco-pods can compliment some great geography and science lessons, which can only boost your school’s efforts to be awarded eco schools status.

Topics on recycling, renewable energy and biodiversity all fit in nicely – and what better way to learn about them, than being in an eco-classroom.For more outdoor classroom inspiration, contact Philip Doleman through

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