The Online Customer Journey Software Solutions Your Business Needs


Online customer journey mapping can be an extremely effective way to establish insight into your business from the most important perspective – that of your prospective and existing customers. Customer journey maps illustrate each step that consumers take in engaging with your company online, helping to identify key trends and issues with your website. Understanding how and why potential buyers move through your website is essential to funneling those interested individuals toward check-out and successfully completing a sale.

Let’s review some exciting tools that can offer you the kind of online customer journey insights that you need to grow your business and take your sales to the next level.

Visualization Tools for Online Customer Journey Maps

Easily track and showcase developing trends within your website by utilizing a mapping visualization tool! This type of software makes visualizing how the customer journey works simple and clear to understand by turning your data into flow charts that identify trends for you, mapping out common pathways through your website.

Augmented online customer journey maps can take this type of software to the next level by incorporating interactive widgets and automated insights – including abandonment alerts and analysis to flag performance issues, anomaly detection, and efficient root-cause analysis to drill down into critical issues for improved user experience. Augmented mapping goes above and beyond to deliver actionable insights quickly and effectively to make improving the customer experience easy.

Session Replay Tools for Individualized Insights

If you are more interested in qualitative information rather than quantitative data trends, utilizing session replay software might be ideal for your business’ needs. Session replay tools offer the opportunity to view video recordings of individual customer visits to your website, allowing you to follow their exact journey just as it happened in real time. This type of software solution is ideal for managing individual complaints and improving customer service through detailed, accurate responses to complaints and concerns as part of your business’ strategy.

Live Customer Service Chat Tools

Digital chat can be an incredible way to be proactive in addressing customer needs while they’re shopping your website. Not only do visitors have immediate access to your support agents right there in their browser, but you can also set up automated scripts that can be triggered along specific parameters such as when a customer visits the help page, attempts to click away from your site, or lingers on a  page for a specified period of time. Chat tools make it easy to increase customer engagement and set the foundation for successful sales transactions.

Assembling a Comprehensive Strategy for Fine Tuning Your Website

If you’re wondering whether it’s possible to combine multiple tools in your approach to improving the customer experience and creating customer journeys that lead to increased sales, the answer is a resounding yes! Pairing software tools that complement each other can result in the most comprehensive perspective for strategic decision-making and enhanced website functionality. In addition to using the software solutions listed above, your business can also integrate those tools with Salesforce and Adobe for even more impact when building sales growth. By utilizing the tools that provide deeper insight, your business can set the stage for successful upward sales trends both during and after COVID-19!


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