Sunday, May 22, 2022

    Tips to Save Money on Holiday Accommodation in Portugal

    As travel restrictions around the globe start to ease, many of us are now thinking about that long overdue change of scene, a good old-fashioned holiday. Portugal, always a popular short-haul destination, is now welcoming tourists for the summer season and although social distancing measures will be in place, there will not be a requirement for visitors to undergo a period of isolation on arrival.  For those lucky enough to visit the country this summer there is the appealing prospect of fewer tourists and cheaper rental accommodation. Choosing the right accommodation is perhaps the most important part of ensuring that you have a great experience. By spending a little extra time researching your accommodation you’ll save money and have a much more enjoyable holiday. So, here are a few pointers.


    If this is your first visit to the area you need to be particularly careful about the location of your accommodation. The accommodation may be appealingly cheap, but if it’s so far from the beach that it requires you to make a round trip in a taxi every day, you could well find yourself paying a lot more than if you’d opted for accommodation in a better location.  The location descriptions of accommodation can sometimes be misleading so make sure that you’ve double checked just exactly where the property is located.

    Hotel or Self-Catering Accommodation?

    Think about the role that your accommodation will play in your holiday experience. A hotel will give you a wide range of facilities, on your doorstep, but will provide limited private space. Self-catering accommodation is likely to be cheaper and although you will have to do more things for yourself, you will enjoy far greater privacy.  Self-catering accommodation also gives you the opportunity to buy local produce and prepare meals ‘at home’, which means that you don’t always have to spend money dining out.

    Explore you options well in advance

    The earlier you book, the better deal you are likely to get. If your travel times are flexible, look at out of season offers and times at which you might get special deals on longer stays.   If you are travelling with children, look out for offers which give special rates for children.  If you are looking for a hotel, don’t book directly, going through a third party will usually get you the best deal and will certainly allow you to cancel more easily. Use comparison websites to get the best deals on hotel accommodation.

    Consider going as part of a group

    Going on holiday with friends can be a wonderful, memorable experience, it can of course, also turn out to be problematic. One certainty is that if you book a large villa, as a group, it will save you money.  The trick with holidaying with friends is not to try and do everything together; give yourselves space to do your own thing, so that when you do come together, everyone has a good time.

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