Understanding the Technological Impacts that Have Made Online Betting and Gambling So Popular Today


There is no shortage of online casinos and betting establishments in the UK, and they represent a side of technology that’s often overlooked. Digital betting options have not just made the hobby more accessible, but it is now much safer too. As we are all spending a lot of time at home this summer, let’s take a look at how and why technical breakthroughs in the online gaming industry have turned it into the most popular medium for placing bets.

The Massive Change in UK’s Gambling and Betting Habits

Research has shown that a massive number of people in the UK now prefer to gamble or bet on sporting events online, rather than doing so at an offline establishment. We all know the reasons more or less because they are pretty obvious! It’s just more convenient these days to pursue any betting hobbies online than it is to physically go to a betting shop.

However, this brings us to a very interesting question, why have people made the shift? Online casinos and other betting platforms have been around for decades at this point, so why has the UK only just made the shift to betting and gambling online now, instead of doing so before?

Understanding the Impact of Smartphones and Tablets

The entire gaming industry has experienced a massive surge and change in people’s gaming habits, especially so in the last three years. The same trend was felt but better capitalised on by the online betting industry than the traditional video game industry. The reasons responsible for this massive change can be summarised along the following lines.

Smartphones Became Commonplace – It’s true that smartphones and tablets are not new inventions, but they only became commonplace in the last few years. Instead of being considered a luxury, they have now become a necessity. Almost everyone already has a smartphone in the UK nowadays, so the number of people using betting platforms online has grown at an exponential rate.

Smartphones and Tablets Became Extremely Powerful – Unlike their much weaker predecessors, the new generations of smartphones and tablets were suddenly powerful enough to run even the most demanding casino games and complex betting platforms without a hitch.

Cutting the weight – People realised that they did not have to sit in front of a wired desktop or carry a heavy laptop around to bet and play games online. Everything they needed was right in their pockets.

The Safety Concern Also Became Paramount

The internet has always had a darker side, which became prominent soon after online betting rose in popularity. Therefore, it was extremely important for the industry to once again use cybersecurity experts and find the technology to secure their own sites against hackers, malware, and other unrealised threats that are constantly active on the web. Also, various organisations were formed to prevent existing online casinos and betting websites from cheating their players into spending money without any hope of winning it back.

The Threat of Gambling Addiction

In realisation of the fact that there is a very real chance of gambling addicts could easily gamble away their entire savings online, sites like GamStop came into existence. If the player was willing, GamStop could actually stop them from playing in any online casino, thus preventing their addiction from taking over their lives.

If, however, you happened to have made a rash decision and banned yourself from betting sites over the internet for longer than you should have, rest assured that there are safe betting sites not on the GamStop database. You can find a list of those not on GamStop here at The Best Casinos. The safe betting sites not on GamStop are simply the ones that did not register with them, so GamStop has no way of knowing whether you are playing on them or not.

Live Casinos are very popular these days, thanks to blazing fast internet speeds and crystal clear picture quality that is fast becoming the norm. The next step in the online gaming industry’s technological evolution will come with the progress in VR tech. It will eliminate another of the few remaining lines that separate virtual betting platforms from the traditional ones.


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