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5 Usual Electric Vehicle Myths Busted

One of the creative works in the automotive field is the emergence of electric cars. The automotive sector has entered electrification at the moment, and there are many car manufacturers producing mass electric cars. Various models have been launched to give many choices to automotive enthusiasts. They have the same performance as gasoline or diesel cars. These cars also have historical data that can be checked through car check on the internet like other new or used cars. Although oil-fuelled cars gradually diminished in popularity and began to be abandoned, however, the growth is not as fast as gasoline or diesel cars. This might happen because some myths are embedded in the minds of the people, and consumers do not find answers to their concerns.

If you read some references
from automotive blogs, automotive magazines, and some automotive journals, that
in fact, almost all countries in the world want to use electric cars. For example,
in the UK, the country is targeting the circulation of diesel and petrol cars
to be stopped in the decades ahead, and replaced by electric cars. The electric vehicle UK campaign has been begun, and the results have
emerged with evidence of increased sales of cars. If we look at sales data, it
might be concluded that public awareness of using environmentally friendly cars
is starting to rise. However, not everyone is interested in this car.

Why aren’t they so
interested in electric cars? Some myths are believed by the people that cannot
be broken by electronic car manufacturers. For example, electric cars cannot be
used during thunderstorms, concerns about engine performance, maintenance
costs, etc.

Here are some
of the worries and myths that make people prefer diesel or gasoline cars over

  • Can Electric Car UK Travel Long Distances?

Electric car manufacturers
have thought that the car was designed for long-distance travel. Just imagine,
why would they produce an electric car in the UK if it turns out that
the car could not be used for long-distance travel? Is it producing millions of
electric cars just for charity work? Of course not, right? Even so, this
understanding cannot be understood by all modern people, and they still have a
fear that the battery will run out when travelling long-distances. Maybe in
their minds, the storage capacity is the same as a battery on a Smartphone which
will quickly run out if used for heavy work. In fact, in countries that are
very aggressive campaigning for the use of electric cars like Britain, there
are more than tens of thousands of electric charging stations. For example, in
London, you will find more than 14,000 electric charging points. For a full
charge, electric cars can reach distances of 300 km to 500 km. The company will
also provide a spare battery that can be used at any time.

  • It’s Hard to Find an Electric Charging Station

The battery is the life of
all-electric vehicles. This reason is acceptable because not everyone knows
about the strength of battery storage for an electric car. This concern can be
ignored because a country that is aggressively campaigning for the use of electric
cars must provide electric fuelling stations in each city. As in the UK, there
are more than tens of thousands of electric charging stations in more than 9000

  • Electric Cars are Expensive Vehicles

Electric cars are not completely
expensive. This car does not need maintenance costs as in conventional cars;
you don’t need to change oil and other liquids. Refuelling is also very fast.
Spare parts are easier to get. You can get them at various online stores or
local dealers in your area. Surprisingly, some electric cars turned out to be
sold below the price of diesel or gasoline fuel cars.

  • Slow Acceleration and Less Speed

In my opinion, this is
entirely untrue. With the power from a battery, the car can accelerate quickly,
no less than gasoline or diesel engines, for example, the Tesla Model X and the
Tesla Roadster. The Tesla Model X gets all-wheel drive and can accelerate from
rest to a speed of 100 km/hour in 52 seconds with a top speed of 210 km/hour,
while the Tesla Roadster can reach speeds of 0-160 km/hour in 4.2 seconds and
the high speed of this car can be more than 402 km/hour.

  • Not Safe When Hit with Water

This is a reasonable
assumption, but it is not valid if it is aimed at electric cars. These cars are
not dangerous if exposed to water; water on the surface of the car will not be
a conductor of electricity, thus endangering the driver and passengers. You
need to know that electric cars are sold in the market after going through
various stages of extreme testing, especially those related to security and
safety. So, even though this car is electric-powered, you don’t need to worry
about washing it, and if it is raining you also don’t need to leave it on the
highway. Besides being physically, technically, and mechanically safe, electric
cars are also registered as legal vehicles in the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency). You can take a vehicle check to find out its legality on the internet like other
conventional cars.

There are still many myths
and doubt. Many people think that electric cars are not entirely environment
friendly because this type of car is the most significant contributor to
battery waste. The waste batteries of cars have been designed in the way that
they can be used again for other needs. Most people also doubt the few choices
on the market. Well, indeed when compared to gasoline or diesel cars which have
already circulated in the market, electric cars are still losing. However, at
least more and more famous car manufacturers such as Hyundai, KIA, Toyota,
Mercedes, etc., also produce electric cars. The companies offer various types
and models of electric cars such as sedans, city cars, SUVs to commercial cars
such as electric buses and others. What about after-sales maintenance of
electric cars? This will be a problem if you live in a country with a small
electric car population. But this does not apply in countries with vast numbers
of electric cars like in the UK; official dealers and workshops are sure to
serve a variety of complaints experienced by consumers on his electric car.

Conclusions, worries and
myths above are a natural thing experienced by people who have not felt the
sensation of being in the cabin. Their doubts about electric cars will continue
to increase if there is no aggressive promotion and proper education from
companies and the government. To eliminate doubts about buying a car, you can
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Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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